Endcap displays are useful for advertising new products and attracting customers. However, they are not guaranteed to boost sales for your company, which is why it’s important to make your endcap display stand out. Let’s review the elements of an endcap display that draw attention from shoppers and strategies to convert interest into sales.

Prominent Product Placement

Successful endcap displays feature a product or product line that shoppers can easily see. When customers are shopping, they will initially gaze at an endcap at eye level. They should be able to identify the product being sold at this point of purchase.

A smart strategy is to place the best-selling or latest products in the most prominent location on the display to intrigue as many people as possible. Be sure all products on an endcap are within reach and accessible to shoppers.

Clear and Concise Messaging

Your endcap’s messaging needs to be clear and to the point. As customers walk by, they should quickly understand what the product is and why they need it. Use bold, catchy headlines and straightforward descriptions for the signage.

Highlight key benefits and features while not cluttering the display with too much text or unnecessary information. You want customers to be able to scan and understand the message in a matter of seconds. Additionally, make sure that all copywriting on your brand’s endcap is consistent with your brand’s personality.

Eye-Catching Visuals

Visual elements exist on point-of-purchase displays to make your endcap display stand out from other shelves. You can utilize a combination of colors, graphics, and text to grab customers’ attention and convey your message.

Visuals are great for educating shoppers about your products and telling a story at a glance. For example, you can display photographs of the product in use to help customers envision how it will fit into their lives. Consistent and attractive visuals can improve the overall impact of your display.

Retail display boxes on endcap displays can be great for organizing and highlighting products while displaying your brand’s visual assets. Virtual Packaging can help your business design and print point-of-purchase displays that convert to increased brand recognition and sales. Visit our product pages for more information!