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Product Packaging Comps, Mockups, & Prototypes

There is nothing better than having your product come to life before your eyes! As the old saying goes “Seeing is believing”! At Virtual Packaging, a trusted packaging printing company, we do just that. We provide packaging printing services to help you turn your design visions into reality. Whether you need just one prototype for testing or to see your package come to life, or if you need a few hundred for sales samples, we are here to help with packaging comps and mock-ups! We’re a packaging printing company that employs a highly experienced team and advanced technology, which allows us to offer premium-quality online packaging design and printing services. We can create packaging mockups, comps, and prototypes, including custom sustainable packaging at a price that will not break the bank. These are perfect to use as sales samples, buyer presentations, planograms, TV or print advertising, and more!

As a testament to our package printing company’s experience and varied skillset, we can replicate essentially anything in the packaging world! Custom bags, Folding Cartons, Shrink Sleeves, Labels, POS Displays, and Corrugate. The Capabilities for prototyping are endless!

Turnarounds: Our standard turn around for product packaging printing is 3 Business Days. We offer 24hr and 48hr expedited services for those on tight deadlines!

Digital Folding Carton Production.

Virtual Packaging has become one of the industry leaders for folding carton, POS/POP displays, and product packaging sleeves in both the sales sample and full-service production platforms. Our digital printing solutions combined with custom laser cutting and digital creasing services allow for the quickest turns in the printing industry.

We are a 100 percent digital printing company! No need for printing or cutting plates.

We offer custom sustainable packaging. Sustainability is our focus without sacrificing quality!

5-10 Business Day turnaround times!

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Round Makeup containers with rub on transfer

Elevate your Product Prototypes
with Custom Pressure Transfers

Our custom dry rub down transfer process allows for direct application, which can simulate screen printing. This quick and easy solution is as simple as cut, align, rubdown, and peel. The result is instant, visually appealing custom images, logos, or lettering on your product or packaging.

This application helps bring any product packaging prototypes you are testing come to life!

Skyrocket your company to Success
Printed marketing collateral remains one of the most important sales tools in any company’s arsenal. It helps communicate the key values your business can offer your customers. Virtual Packaging is also happy be a part of this integral step of your marketing plan with our flat sheet printing capabilities. Your marketing materials must feature quality design; luckily, our services can help.

From Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, Menus, rack cards and more!  There are no limits to how we can help you shine with all your business and Marketing Print Needs!

POS Display with several products
A 3D Rendered Tea Box

Digital 3D Renders

Have you ever wondered how some products look absolutely flawless? Chances are you were actually looking at the handiwork of custom 3D rendering. This technique renders flat artwork into a virtual space where it is then manipulated and improved upon. You will not have to worry about the lighting, setting, or any other factors getting in the way of achieving that perfect shot. Custom 3D product rendering gives you a more realistic look, and it is a great way to make your product look flawless on all your online / e-commerce  avenues.

Why Digital Printing

Digital Printing is a new age way of printing in which the printer direct prints the substrates! No plates are required which allows for many benefits vs Offset printing – or lithographic printing. With Offset/ Litho Printing, an engraved metal plate is created of the print image which is then subsequently transferred with ink onto a rubber blanket or rollers to be printed on the receiving media, usually paper. Below are the top reasons to consider Digital vs Offset.



We are proud to be one of the first 100% digital production plants for folding cartons with our main focus to be on Sustainability Packaging and protecting our planet.

No Printing Plates!

We strive to keep our focus on minimizing our carbon footprint.



Prototypes and Mock ups - 72hr, 48hr and 24hr turnaround options!

Production Runs starting at 5 Business days for under 1500 pcs and 10 Business days for 1500+!

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

Quality is our #1 Focus! We strive to ensure only the absolute best product leaves our facilty! We have multiple check points to ensure your package exceeds all expectations. Customer Service is a must! If you are not 100% satisfied please let us know so we can find a solution until you are!


Because of our digital technology, our digital packaging services feature quicker turns with no need for plates. Turnaround for sales sample volumes (500-1500) starts at five business days. Turnaround for mid-size runs starts at ten business days. This means that the printing of your job can begin at the time of order which is great when you needed your job yesterday!

*Rush options are available on a job-to-job basis.


With the aspect of no printing plates, digital printing offers the more cost effective printing solution, especially for shorter print runs.

Superior Quality

The Landa Nanography® process offers unprecedented dot sharpness and color uniformity by utilizing 24 print heads per color. EACH print head contains 2,048 nozzles for a total count of 49,152 nozzles per color. These cutting-edge bits of technology separates Landa Nanography® printing from other printers in the industry. The press also offers an extended color gamut, allowing us to target 96% of Pantone colors using water-based inks. What’s more, digital printing enables easy sampling of color accuracy and the like, which can be subsequently tweaked with much greater ease than with traditional offset printing.


At Virtual Packaging, we care about mother nature and are focused on leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible. Through our cutting edge technology, we provide digital label printing services without the need for printing plates, which means that in every job there is little to no waste. We print using Water Based inks and Coatings and can even used Recycled board. We recycle all waste and have little to no set up waste.