Household Product Packaging

Whether they sell soap, candles, essential oils, or stationery, numerous home goods companies are becoming increasingly interested in utilizing eye-catching, unique custom household product packaging. This coincides with an increase in the percentage of companies that are treating household packaging in the same way they might treat a line of high-end cosmetic products or even fashion designs.
The reasons for this increased focus on custom household packaging are very simple: it sells products and inspires wonder in the customer. And for many modern home decorators, inspiration starts with the packaging of a household product. We can provide you with mockups or packaging prototypes that include your product name, company logo, and any other pertinent product information. Learn more about the various product packaging options we offer below.

Exterior Product Cartons
When you walk down the toy aisle, you’ll probably notice that most of the products are in some sort of exterior product carton. This type of household product packaging keeps everything from dolls and action figures to toy cars and model airplanes looking uniform, displaying everything included. With a clear panel, the consumer can see the actual product. You’ll also have plenty of space for your brand name, graphics, and other pertinent information.

High-End Rigid Structure Boxes
High-end rigid structure boxes keep your product safe, whether it’s fine china or everyday glassware. Custom-made cardboard boxes are available in various styles and cardboard thicknesses in addition to different finishing options. They’re made from a sturdier material, but won’t necessarily be bulky, and will still protect fragile items with care. From glass dishes to crystal vases, rigid cardboard product packaging is the way to go when it comes to packaging for your household goods.

Countless Other Custom Household Packaging Prototype Options
Whatever your vision for your household packaging involves—whether it’s a packaging type mentioned above or something completely unique—we are here to help! Together, we can work through the available options until we land on one that’s best suited for your household products.