Custom Pharmaceutical Printing & Packaging Prototypes and Mockups

With so many different drugs and medications on the market that essentially offer the same benefits, it can be hard to make yours stand out. At Virtual Packaging, we can create something that makes a powerful visual statement as it gets your message across with custom pharmaceutical packaging. Some of our most popular pharmaceutical printing and packaging prototype options include:

Flexible Bags
From allergy pills and over-the-counter pain medication to sinus relief tablets and more, many items use pharmaceutical flexible bag packaging. Often utilized in travel sized versions of these medications, each individual pill is packaged separately, so you can grab it and go whenever you need it.

Pharmaceutical Printing and Packaging Labels
When it comes to your medical packaging prototype, you will need to fit a lot of text onto a tiny space, in addition to your logo and other branding messages. Since you are dealing with drugs that require very specific dosages, all the ingredients, warnings, side effects, instructions, and other pertinent information must be clearly visible on the label. Then, you will also want your brand name, slogan, and any artwork on there as well. In order to achieve a visually appealing product, we have lots of options to get everything on the container, such as labels that peel and can be stuck back on to reveal additional information.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Boxes & Cartons
Since molded pill blisters and labels don’t leave a ton of room for branding, many pharmaceutical product packaging prototypes involve placing the packet or bottle into a carton. A carton also provides an added layer of protection, as it’s easy to see if the product has already been opened. We offer many options for pharmaceutical carton printing and pharmaceutical packaging mockups.

Even if there is an additional safety seal underneath the cap, shrinks can give consumers an added level of protection, comfort, and peace of mind. This type of medical packaging comp is clear, so it will not detract from your branding or message in any way. It also makes it clear to see if the product has been tampered with. Whether it is a bottle of cough syrup or a container of pain relievers, shrink wraps give you durability and thorough protection in an efficient and effective way.

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