Custom Carton Boxes & Carton Packaging Prototypes

If you are looking for custom paperboard boxes and carton packaging comp services, Virtual Packaging is the place to go. Utilized in practically every industry, we can create the perfect product packaging solution for objects of all shapes and sizes. We will make sure that it not only serves a functional purpose, but a visual one as well.
Custom Box Packaging Prototypes

Paperboard Boxes. These are typically used for food and other smaller consumer goods. Our product box mockups can also be made with windows, making them perfect for action figures, dolls, and other toys.

  • White. With white paperboard boxes (SBS, SUS), you can easily put custom artwork on all of your packaging. Utilizing the white board can cut costs as you do not have to print a white ink. SBS / SUS Stocks are great to get vibrant colors.
  • Natural Kraft (CCNB). Custom paperboard boxes with brown insides are typically used for cereals, protein bars, pastas, and other food products. The brown paperboard is also made from recycled material which has become a largely sought-after substrate in whole foods, organic, and healthy lifestyle packaging. This type of packaging is the epitome of eco-friendliness.

Corrugated Boxes. These strong boxes are used for heavy-duty products, such as frying pans and coffee makers. The pleated material is made up of three separate layers of thick paperboard – featuring two flat liners on the outside with a fluted material in the middle. This type of package is typically crush proof, and the majority of shipping boxes are even using this material to protect your products inside.

Rigid Boxes. This type of box is often associated with luxury retail items. Made of an extremely condensed paperboard, it is quite durable yet still fairly lightweight. It is easy to incorporate a book flap or magnetic closure, in addition to compartments, domes, and other premium features on this type of prototype box packaging.

Custom Box Packaging Prototypes

When it comes to a carton packaging mockup, the sky is the limit. From natural brown and bleach white to metallized, holographic, recyclable, and more, we can create a piece that not only represents your brand, but sells it as well. Whether you are looking for a large PDQ / POP Display to highlight a special product of the week or a smaller one for candy, gum, and other last-minute items in the checkout line, we will help you create a display unit that is sure to stand out in any retail store. Do not forget to check out our finishing types as well! There are no size restrictions on our custom carton packaging prototypes, so whether you need something for a 6 oz. bottle of lotion or a 60 in. TV, we have you covered.

Custom Box Packaging Prototypes

With our new digital technology, we now offering short to mid run production runs for folding cartons. Use our prototyping services to get your custom carton boxes looking perfect, and when you are ready for a sales sample run or our mid size run for market testing. Learn more about our short to mid production runs here.



  • Standard GlossMatte
  • Soft touch Matte
  • Spot UV / Matte Combo
  • Metallic Features /Metallized film
  • Clear / Transparent areas

Materials Offered

  • SBS -More Premium, white on both Sides
  • Recycled Board- Better option for Environmentally Friendly
  • Natural Brown Kraft
  • Corrugate (N, E, B, C Flutes)
  • Acrylic & PVC Clear Boxes
  • Foil Board Boxes

Additional Features

  • Foils
  • Die-cut windows
  • Holographic
  • CLifted / Textured inks
  • Emboss
A Colorful Variety of Packages on table
Straight Tuck
Clean, compact, and straight to the point.
Both upper and lower flaps are connected to the main panel and open in the same direction creating a refined front panel display area great for advertising your product. Straight tucks are known for compact storage, quick loading and easy assembly. If you’re looking for a popular choice among most retail displays, food, beverage and personal care go for the straight tuck.

Reverse Tuck

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective carton packaging option than a straight tuck and you’re willing to stretch on the overall aesthetics, then reverse tuck is what you want. Reverse tucks feature a closing panel attached to the back of the box with the other connected to the front causing a less refined shape. However, reverse tucks don’t require tape so they can be manually or automatically assembled, are easier to open for the consumer and ship/store flat. Reverse tucks are go-to’s for small parts, samples and other lightweight products.

POS Display with several products
Round Makeup containers with rub on transfer

End Seal

Ideal for delicate items, both top and bottom openings of this box have overlapping glueable flaps that provide great security for transport, tamper proofing and automated assembly. End seal boxes are made for home, food and health industries and are collapsible- shipping flat and compact.
Lock Bottom

Durable, compact & easy to assemble, the lock bottom box ships & stores flat saving client costs ****making this a great, low-maintenance cost effective option. The lock Bottom Box has die cut interlocking panels at the bottom that when popped into shape, overlap one another and create a sturdy base perfect for securing heavier goods. This box is ideal for retail shelves with its flat bottom and is used mainly in cosmetics, nutraceuticals, consumer electronics, toys & food industries.

POS Display with several products
A 3D Rendered Tea Box
Auto Bottom
While like the lock bottom box, auto bottom boxes feature a GLUED locking base securing heavy items without the addition of tape. Auto custom carton boxes can be run through our automatic Fold & Glue machines increasing your max quantity potential, while saving on assembly costs. Auto boxes are everything you want in a lock bottom while being tailored to clients needing higher quantities, extra security & shorter production times.

POS /POP Displays

Point of Sale & Point of Purchase displays are competitive box structures designed to initiate impulse purchases, highlight your product, and maximize retail space. POS displays are placed near cash registers, providing last minute visual exposure where you can incorporate promotions and encourage your consumer to take advantage of the deal. These are best for convenience goods, lighters, novelty products, candy, gum, souvenirs, and bulk sold items. A few common POP displays are Endcap Displays, Standees and Pallet displays and are placed where consumers are making purchasing decisions- all throughout the store. These custom cartons for packaging promote new products or sales, elevate brand exposure, communicate brand image, and increase consumer product interaction. POP and POS displays are brand billboards that give you a creative and competitive edge, beneficial to all industries.

POS Display with several products
A 3D Rendered Tea Box


Sleeves also known as “belly bands”, are a great economical, eco-friendly way to elevate your shelf appeal and increase your perceived quality and brand value. Sleeves are custom printed paper that can wrap around virtually anything- saving retail shelf space as well as shipping costs. The revealing, minimal packaging design allows your consumers to see colors and textures of your product, providing an extra competitive selling advantage. Sleeves are a great accent element to pet products, cosmetics, toy & food industries