In addition to the different types of finishes available at Virtual Packaging, we can also put the final touches on your product’s packaging. Lifted inks, custom-embossed packaging, and debossed packaging are three finishing touches we’re proud to offer. As they add depth and texture to logos, lettering, and even images, lifted inks, embossing, and debossing allow your packaging to stand out.

Embossed Packaging Prototypes
From fancy headphones to the latest tablets, many products have embossed packaging, which adds another dimension to the overall look and feel. With custom embossed packaging, a logo, message, or other piece of artwork protrudes from the surface by pressing a metal die into the back of the material. Common applications include custom embossed boxes, greeting cards, leather goods, credit cards, and promotional marketing materials. Whether you want the raised area to be left as is (known as a blind emboss) or embellished with ink or foil stamping, we will create a custom embossed packaging mockup that will leave a lasting impression.

Debossed Packaging Prototypes
Essentially the opposite of embossing, debossing can help your product packaging make a bold statement. The metal die is still stamped on your material, but this time on the front, so you will end up with an imprint or indented image. Depending on how elaborate or simple you want your debossed packaging to be, you can incorporate foil stamping, ink, or leave the impression as is (known as a blind deboss). From debossed business cards to wedding invitations and everything in between, we can completely customize your prints for any occasion.

Lifted or Raised Ink Packaging Prototypes
Similar to embossing, raised ink printing creates a raised area on the surface, but it is printed instead of stamped. While the ink is still wet, a powder is sprinkled over the desired area and then heated in order to create the raised part that will stand out. Raised ink printing is a great way to make certain aspects of your product or message literally pop at your audience. A cost-effective solution, raised ink adds texture and shine, and it produces more vibrant colors as well. Although the paper itself is not raised like it is in embossing, lifted ink packaging will still give you an extremely dynamic look. Additionally, since custom plates are not made, this type of embellishment can be turned lightning fast on all of our quick turn options!