Nutraceutical Packaging Mockups and Prototypes

Custom Nutraceutical Packaging

Many people are turning toward nutraceutical products as a way to prevent disease and promote a healthy life. With an emphasis toward natural products, this opens up the door to a new segment of consumers who may be wary of the side effects of typical pharmaceuticals. These items supplement one’s diet nutritionally, but they may even provide medical benefits as well. Virtual Packaging has a variety of nutraceutical and dietary supplement packaging options, such as:

To stand out, keep your nutraceutical packaging comps simple. Many products try to cram as much as they possibly can on their packaging. Since nutraceuticals are more on the side of natural remedies, consider a non-busy nutraceutical package, highlighting your most important features. That way, your nutraceutical packaging mockup will not look cluttered and stuffed with artificial ingredients.

Flexible Pouches
Ideal for vitamins, cough drops, and other dietary supplements, flexible pouch packaging helps your product sit straight on store shelves. From custom stand-up pouches and single-dose packaging options to stickpacks and more, we will help you determine the best possible nutritional supplement packaging for your product’s specific application. Think multi-serve options with recloseable features to keep the products inside fresh.

Custom nutraceutical label printing is a great way to stay true to the whole natural look. Simply put your product in a clear bottle, allowing you to maintain complete transparency. Then, slap on a beautiful custom dietary supplement label with your brand name and message as well as any important features that you would like to include.

From everyday vitamins to post workout protein shakes, people want to feel safe when ingesting more natural products that are not always regulated by the FDA. Add a shrink wrap to your nutraceutical packaging prototype, so consumers know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it is okay to use. This type of nutraceutical packaging can be applied to virtually any type of product, making it an easy and cost-effective option.