Custom Point-of-Purchase Displays

A custom point-of-purchase display can increase product visibility and attract more customers to your brand. But how do you go about creating one-of-a-kind point-of-sale displays for your businesses? Well, you can start by reaching out to Virtual Packaging. We specialize in designing and producing point-of-purchase packaging for a wide range of industries, from cosmetics to food and beverage.


At Virtual Packaging, we offer several different types of PoP display printing. We help you decide which style best fits your needs and create an effective point-of-purchase display mockup or prototype, so you can experience the design first-hand.

Once you have nailed your design in the comp phase let us take you to the next level with full production!  Whether you are starting with a small trial run of around 100 or need up to 100K units, we are geared to help you quickly get your product in market.

 Not ready to commit to high volumes? We totally understand this! That’s why at Virtual Packaging we focus on just-in-time printing. Our quick turnarounds allow you to never have to store thousands of prints until they are needed. Print the exact number of retail display boxes you need, and come back for more when you are close to depleting the stock. Another benefit of just-in-time printing is your flexibility to constantly evolve and update graphics.


Commitment is hard, and that’s why we are here! Break ups with product packaging have never been easier!

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Counter Displays
If you are trying to sell an impulse product, counter point-of-purchase display boxes are a fantastic option since they are placed near the checkout area. These custom merchandising displays are typically found in convenience stores where there is not always a ton of floor space. While they may be small, these point-of-sale displays allow you to capture last-minute sales.

This type of POS display is great for merchandising single-serve serve and on-the-go products.  From snacks to tech gadgets to travel size items, the type of items you chose to display are endless.

Floor Displays

This custom merchandising display is commonly seen in retail settings such as custom food packaging in grocery stores, and other big box locations. Usually set in the middle of the aisle, it is easy to draw in potential buyers. Floor point of purchase displays and mockups can be created for 2, 3, and 4-sided shop-ability, depending on your specific product.

This type of displays tends to showcase seasonal and limited edition items. They tend to be free standing and are set to display multiple product SKU’s. They are great for holiday specialty items, Back-to-school products and even limited edition products.

POS Display with several products
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Endcap Displays

Usually placed between store aisles, endcap point-of-purchase display boxes are an awesome way to market just about any product. This is a great option if your product needs a little explaining, as there is typically space at the top for branding and other marketing messages.
Pallet Displays

Pallet POP displays are designed to hold a lot of merchandise and can be customized to meet your specific needs. They are typically used if a brand has multiple product lines that are related, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss. Another common application is for seasonal items, such as greeting cards, decorations, and candy. Don’t forget to get a POP display mockup.

Dump Bins

These point of purchase displays are designed to push products that have little or no primary packaging. They are completely customizable; you can add dividers or shelves on the inside as well as print branding, visuals, and marketing messages on the outside. Dump bins are commonly used in big box and grocery stores and are extremely prevalent during back to school shopping.

Custom POP displays are unique: they allow you to share your message on more than just the product itself. Our retail point-of-purchase display mockups can be designed to suit your product’s specific needs and completed with any of our various finishing types.

POS Display with several products