Custom Electronics Packaging

Finding the right electronic packaging can be a tricky task. Your packaging needs to be not only durable and functional, but also attention-grabbing and visually appealing. Whatever your electronics packaging needs may be, Virtual Packaging has got you covered. We have the tools and knowledge necessary to help you craft custom electronics cases that offer ample protection while looking great.

Direct Print
Whether you are working with plastic, metal, wood, cardboard, leather, or some other type of material, we can directly print on virtually any surface. Ideal for custom electronics packaging, this technique gives you a photo quality print that is designed to last. We can adorn any packaging type with your company logo, product name, safety information, and much more.

A type of electronic packaging, corrugates are typically used for computers, speakers, TVs, and other larger electronic items. They are also commonly used in sports packaging for larger and unusually shaped items, such as golf clubs and exercise equipment. Composed of three separate layers of thick paperboard, this heavy-duty material is much more durable than your typical cardboard. The two flat liners sandwich a rippled layer in the middle, creating a surface that is much harder to bend and tear. Additionally, the components on the inside will keep your products from sliding around. Add in some slick graphics and the right message to create custom electronics packaging that crushes your competitors.

Packaging Options for all kinds of Electronics
Whether you’re packaging large bulky electronics such as televisions or smaller electronic devices such as smart phones and chargers, Virtual Packaging has electronic packaging solutions that allow you to create personalized, one-of-a-kind electronics packaging effortlessly. Let us help you select the best packaging type for your electronic wares today. With your design input, you can rest assured the end result will be an eye-catching electronics packaging mockup of your own design!