Beauty & Health Product Packaging

Health and Beauty Aid Product Packaging

If you open your bathroom cabinet, you will likely come across a variety of health and beauty aids. When it comes to health and beauty packaging, what you are saying can be just as important as how you are saying it. At Virtual Packaging, we can help you create something that delivers your message and sells your product from a visual standpoint.

Folding Cartons
Folding cartons combine the benefits of both performance and visual appearance.

POP and Counter Displays
With so much creative beauty and health product packaging out there, it can be difficult to stand out on the shelves. So, draw consumers’ eyes away from the overcrowded aisles with an alluring point of purchase display.

Incorporate embossing into your packaging to give your customers a tactile experience. This raised surface gives your product an even more dynamic look, encouraging customers to pick it up and make a purchase.

Foil Stamp
Many of the finest items utilize foil stamping to set them apart from the sea of products clamoring for shelf space and attention. It is a great way to add just a little bit of shimmer to your personal care packaging and catch someone’s eye.

High-End Premium Boxes
When it comes to things like moisturizers, night creams, and other age fighting products, packaging is everything. If something is just in an average-looking box, it can easily be associated with cheap products that do not really work. But if it is in a luxurious-looking box, people are more likely to associate it with a high-quality product that will change their skin for the better. We offer custom beauty and health product packaging that can transform your brand for the better.

Direct Print
Whether it is extra volume hair spray or silky-smooth lotion, go wrapper-free with direct print designs. This technique can be used on most surfaces, including plastic, metal, and wood to name a few. If you are looking for a way to get extremely detailed lettering or visuals on your health and beauty aid product packaging, direct print is the way to go.

Premium Labels
Have you ever wondered why certain vitamins, soaps, and other health and beauty aids look like they are better than others? Since most bottles and containers look pretty similar to start with, adding a premium health or beauty product label can take yours to the next level.

Spot Varnish
With a spot varnish finish, you can add something extra to your packaging without going overboard on the color. From white tea soap to nourishing conditioner, this technique uses a clear ink over existing surfaces. A great way to add a logo, lettering, or abstract design, we have spot varnish finishes available in matte, satin, or gloss.

Soft Touch
A soft touch finish can really help you sell your skincare products. Everyone wants soft, clear skin, so have your health and beauty packaging send that subliminal message!