Custom Packaging Label Prototypes

Labels are one of the most versatile and cost-effective packaging options. With a custom packaging label mockup from Virtual Packaging, you can brand your product exactly how you want it. The color and packaging finish possibilities are endless, so you can create something that is simple, intricate, or luxurious; you can even design something that is a combination of all three styles.
A 3D Rendered Tea Box

Vinyl Labels

Vinyl labels are a cost-effective way to display your graphics and branding on your product bottles or packages. They can be used on bottles, tubs, tubes, jars and any other food, beverage, or beauty containers.

The main benefit of vinyl labels vs. any other premium product labels is that they are waterproof and moisture resistant. They are a great choice for any product that may go in a refrigerator or are that may receive moisture.

Vinyl labels are much more durable than a paper and tend to be a more premium choice when printing labels for your product packaging.

Paper Labels

Paper labels are the most cost-effective option when it comes to label packaging. They typically are a full adhesive back with a permanent application. You can still use them in a refrigerator or cooler environment, but they tend to not be as durable and water resistant.  Paper labels are still a great way to showcase your brand and product graphics at the fraction of the price of other label options.

Typical uses of paper labels include but are not limited to glass bottle applications, nutraceutical items,  home & healthcare items, lawn and garden items and can pet food items.


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A 3D Rendered Tea Box
Clear Labels
Clear labels tend to fall in a more premium side of the label family. These premium box labels typically require a white underprint behind all graphics and have elements left ink free or without white allowing for the product within the containers to show through.

Clear Labels are typically used in the wine and liquor industries.  They also tend to be a favorite in the cosmetic industries as well.

Showcasing the actual product is the main focus of a clear label. They also are made of a vinyl or waterproof material so are much more durable then a paper label format.

Film Labels

Film wrap labels are another type of custom box labels used primarily in the beverage industry.  They can be printed on a clear or opaque substrate. They wrap the full circumference of the bottle but seam at the back in one location vs. having a full adhesive backing.  

Film labels are much more user friendly in the application process and allow for easy removal and reapplication if the first try is not perfect.

Film labels are also water and moisture resistant making them a great choice for anything that resides home in a cooler or environment with heavy moisture.


POS Display with several products
A 3D Rendered Tea Box

Paperboard Labels

Paperboard labels are becoming more popular for on-the-go and single serve snack options. Common uses for these custom packaging labels include application to paper cups, bowls, and even plastic containers. Ready to eat oatmeal, yogurt and even ice-cream formats typically use this type of label.

The paperboard labels are typically used on tapered formats and usually have to have a curve applied to them so they wrap the containers completely with no gaps.




Metalized / Foil Labels

If you are looking for that “wow” factor to help your product “stand out from the crowd” you might consider using a foil stamp or metallized label option.  Printing on a metallic label will allow the most diversity in your print by allowing you to overprint colors on the substrate to make them metallized or reflective!  This process includes the use of a white ink so you can have varying contrasts between the metallic elements and non-metallic.

Foil Stamps are a bit more costly and require plates or a digital foiling piece of equipment.  At Virtual Packaging we offer both options.  Foil Stamps are limited to select colors based on the available foils in market.

Foil stamps are typically used on more premium product labels such as wine and spirits, cosmetics, health and beauty products, and nutraceuticals. 




POS Display with several products