Custom Folding Carton Packaging

Small-Run Packaging & Carton Production

We offer digital print solutions, as well as cutting, creasing, gluing, and folding, for a full-service, in-house medium- or small-run packaging and digital printing for different types of folding carton packaging and displays. As a folding carton manufacturer, we keep a variety of popular materials in stock and can provide any specialty paper that you have in mind. And with our 100 percent digital folded box printing process, we can deliver a custom-made packaging that looks stunning.

Run lengths will start at 50 pieces, up to about 500,000 with even more piece count possibility when ganging up jobs on a B1 Sheet.

The Landa S10 and Highcon Beam are completely plate free, allowing for cheaper and faster speed to market compared to offset and flexo printing while leaving less of a carbon print on the environment.

Reasons to Consider Digital Printing for Folding Cartons and More?

No Minimums No matter what quantities you are looking for, whether it be a custom folding carton mockup, a small-run packaging of a few hundred for sales samples, or 100K units for sell-in, we are here to help!

Just-in-time Printing With the aspect of no minimums at Virtual Packaging you can focus on the minimal amount of printing to allow you to only inventory what is needed. This also allows for minimal waste as new fads, regulations, and seasons emerge giving you the flexibility to always update your packaging staying ahead of the game to ensure your packaging gets the attention it needs during these transitions in printing and trends.

Faster speed to market  At Virtual Packaging, we know time is of the essence and getting your product on the shelf is key. For this very reason we offer a standard 5-10 business turnaround time on production with the ability to do rush jobs in as little as 24hrs!

Sustainability We are doing our best to leave the smallest carbon footprint. Our folding carton printing process is completely digital and does not use printing plates, so we have little to no make ready waste on each job. We work to recycle every bit of scrap that leaves our building. We offer water-based inks and coatings as well as recycled materials that the industry has. We are doing our best to help mother nature one job at a time.




Straight Tuck

Reverse Tuck





Point of Sale & Point of Purchase displays are competitive box structures designed to initiate impulse purchases, highlight your product, and maximize retail space. POS displays are placed near cash registers providing last minute visual exposure where you can incorporate promotions and encourage your consumer to take advantage of the deal. These are best for convenience goods, lighters, novelty products, candy, gum, souvenirs, and bulk sold items.



Sleeves also known as “belly bands”, are a great economical, eco-friendly way to elevate your shelf appeal and increase your perceived quality and brand value. Sleeves are custom printed paper that can wrap around virtually anything- saving retail shelf space as well as shipping costs. The revealing, minimal packaging design allows your consumers to see colors and textures of your product, providing an extra competitive selling advantage. Sleeves are a great accent element to pet products, cosmetics, toy & food industries


Minimum 50lb text to 30pt Cardstock
Bright White SBS
Recycled Board
Refrigerator Grade Boards
Litho Mount to Corrugate (N, E, B, C Flutes)
*Custom materials available upon request


Aqueous Gloss, Satin & Matte Coatings
Premium Aqueous Soft Touch Matte
UV Gloss
Spot UV/ Matte Combo
Foil Stamping


Minimum: 13 in x 19 in.

Maximum: B1/ 28 x 40 in.

6500 B1 sheets per hour*

*Depending on layout and imposition

100- 500K pieces

No Minimums

Sales Sample Qty's Starting at just 50 units!

Competitivly priced up to 100K B1 Sheets!

5-10 day turns

5 Business day turn for orders under 1500 Pieces

10 Business days turn for anything over 1500 Pieces

100% Digital

When we say it we mean it! We are 100% Digital from start to finish!
No Need for printing and Cutting plates.
This allows for faster speed to market and clients to focus on Just-in-time inventory management!
Only order what you need!

Our Print Process
The Landa Nanography® process offers unprecedented dot sharpness and color uniformity by utilizing 24 print heads per color. EACH print head contains 2,048 nozzles for a total count of 49,152 nozzles per color, allowing us to target 96% of Pantone colors using water based inks. These cutting edge bits of technology separates Landa Nanography® printing from other printers in the industry.


7 Color Printing:
The Nanographic Printing® Process is a digital process in which Billions of droplets, .5 microns thick, are ejected onto a transfer Blanket. The Ink is then dried to form the image and transferred Directly on any substrate

How it works:

How does our printing compare to the competition?

The NanoInk technology creates the sharpest dot image available that lays on top of the substrates vs absorbing into them. This process allows you to print on any surface and capture the same high level results, best imaging, and most vibrant color print. Your output on a premium stock would look the exact same on an uncoated or recycled stock. The ink can print on any substrate no matter if it is on a coated or uncoated board, paper, styrene PET, or labels stock.

We are focused on providing a sustainable process for our production plant. From start to finish many steps and processes have been created and we are focused on making our carbon footprint very minimal to help protect or planet.

There are no printing plates, no waste of material, water based inks and all inks are supplied in recyclable cardboard material.

Just-in-time printing also allows customers to only print what is needed so there is not a ton of waste or extras sitting on their floors as well. At Virtual we have no minimums so this can help teams constantly refresh packaging as the fads, regulations, and seasons change. Contact us today to learn more.