Sports Packaging Boxes

At Virtual Packaging, we understand that innovative and unique sports packaging is necessary to set yourself apart from the competition and to properly promote your products. A product with an innovative or intriguing packaging design can entice consumers to pick it up and put it in their hands so that they can get a closer look. This is what we want our custom sports packaging boxes to accomplish.

With years of experience creating custom packaging for a wide variety of retailers. We’ve helped countless sporting goods customers develop eye-catching sports gear and sportswear packaging designs. We work with you every step of the way to incorporate your logo, brand, designs, and product info in your selected packaging type. You can learn more about some of our popular packaging options below.

Exterior Product Cartons
When shopping, you may occasionally notice products displayed in what’s known as an exterior product carton. This form of sports packaging keeps things looking uniform and displays all contents or accessories. You can even customize your exterior product cartons with clear panels, giving viewers a direct look at the sporting goods product within. You’ll still have plenty of room left over for your product and brand names as well as for any graphics and other pertinent information.

High-End Rigid Structure Boxes
Whether you’re packaging fishing rods or hunting accessories, high-end rigid structure sports packaging boxes can protect your most important products. Custom sports boxes are available in various styles and different cardboard thicknesses, providing ample protection without adding bulk. We also offer a variety of finishes for the exterior, ensuring we land on a style that will look great with your exterior product packaging designs.

Numerous Custom Sporting Goods Packaging Alternatives
If you require a particular form of packaging, let us know, and we will happily accommodate you. When you select your sporting good packaging option, we can create mockups or packaging prototypes that incorporate your designs, logo, and more. Contact us today to begin collaborating on your new packaging designs.