CBD Packaging

The CBD industry is the fastest growing industry in North America. This new industry provides an exciting opportunity for creative custom CBD packaging that can cater to a more natural and sustainable look that separates itself from the stigma of marijuana culture without a need for excessive labeling or child resistant packaging. On the other side of the coin, some companies choose the use of bold and bright colors specifically to appeal to the (of age) millennial generation that is more accepting of CBD or hemp based products in their routines.

Cannabidiol, other CBD variants, and hemp-based products fall into many subcategories ranging from supplements, oils, gummies, tinctures, skincare, infused food and beverage, to pet care products. CBD Products can have a variety of different CBD packaging mockup options because there are so many options for consumption.

Folding Cartons
Carton CBD packaging is the perfect way to hold your tinctures, skin care creams, or bottles. Or, perhaps you need a custom POP/POS Display as an eye-catching way to hold product in herbal medicine, cannabis, or aromatherapy stores. Remember that we offer rapid prototyping as well as short run production for folding cartons.

These are the bread and butter of CBD packaging solutions. Whether you need a custom CBD label for your tincture or for your CBD skincare line, VP has you covered. Remember that we offer short run label production and unique laser cutting opportunities (kiss cuts, half cuts, and etching) in addition to rapid prototyping.

Flexible Packaging
This can include flow wraps for edibles and other treats or stand up pouches for gummies, candy, CBD flower, or larger bags for pet products like calming pet treats or CBD joint care. Flexible packaging, including flexible packaging for CBD products, remains one of the most important and standard packaging for consumer products.

You can find CBD in sparkling waters, juices, and lotions. Be confident in your shrink-wrapped bottles or tubes with Virtual Packaging’s hand-made custom shrinks. We can also replicate metallic areas with our custom metallic pulls to give them that extra shine.