Digital 3D Packaging Rendering

You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention and convince them to make a purchase. Custom 3D packaging rendering and engineered packaging dielines are a huge step on the road from concept to reality.

A Colorful Variety of Packages on table

Custom 3D Rendering

Have you ever wondered how some products look absolutely flawless? Chances are you were actually looking at the handiwork of custom 3D packaging rendering. This technique renders flat artwork into a virtual space where it is then manipulated and improved upon. You will not have to worry about the lighting, setting, or any other factors getting in the way of achieving that perfect shot. Custom 3D package rendering gives you a more realistic look, and it is a great way to get your product past the concept phase and into development.

People are much more likely to support an idea if they have a clear picture of it, which is why this technique is commonly used during presentations. No matter the industry, 3D product mockups are used for a variety of different products.

Uses for 3D Packaging Rendering
Online Stores / E-Commerce

Digital 3D rendering of products has been on the rise with the boom in online and e-commerce sales. More retailers and e-commerce sites prefer to keep their online portfolios pristine with rendered images versus using an actual photographer. It helps keep perfect shots of the products they are hosting or selling vs photos that may not have the same caliber of quality.

Print or Marketing Collateral

Another use for rendered 3D packaging is in all print or marketing collateral. It’s imperative that in you’re selling tools whether it be packaging or marketing collateral, that you showcase the most beautiful package or product, this is where the renders come in. Digital rendering guarantees no wrinkling, glares, or messy effects to come across on your package. Since it is a digital file you have complete control of how the render will look in your final piece!

POS Display with several products
Round Makeup containers with rub on transfer

Styles of 3D Renders

At Virtual Packaging we can style your render however you would like! We can handle Single shots, Group shots and even placing your product on shelf to look as if it’s on the store floor! Looking for a POS /POP render? We can handle this too! We can even place product in the packages or displays if needed! Have art that goes on a bottle or can? No Worries. We have frames that can replicate almost any type of product in market and can make sure your product is represented perfectly! Contact us to find out more about our digital rendering services.