Product packaging trends shift quickly and are crucial to know for your brand’s image. Here are some of the current packaging trends going around today.

Product packaging can’t stay the same forever. Companies that don’t iterate on their designs and improve their messaging will be swiftly left behind by the competition. Trends in product packaging change much like trends in fashion do. Keeping up with them may be difficult, but it can make a big difference in how people view your product. We’ll go over some of the product packaging trends in 2021 that we’ve noticed so far so you can make the right choice for your own product and brand.

More Protective Packaging

With e-commerce only becoming more and more popular over the last year, the demand for packaging that can withstand the rigors of travel is rising quickly. Packaging needs to be able to handle long-distance travel—there’s simply no getting around that anymore. As more people forego buying things in an actual store, they will also want to know that their products aren’t going to be smashed during transit.


One of the widely spread product packaging trends in 2021 that we’ve seen is a renewed focus on minimalist design. This is almost in direct response to the opposite trend of loud and complex designs that were very popular a few years back. Nowadays, having a minimalist design can actually make your product stand out from competitors that choose a more brightly colored or wild patterned design.

Clean Typography

Customers these days want all the information about a product to be clear as day on its label. Hiding disclaimers or health information with over-the-top typography is not going to net you any new customers. People want to trust the products they’re using and the best way they can do that is if everything about the product is spelled out right in front of them.

Name Front and Center

Where the past saw a shift toward a logo or design as the focal point of packaging, we now see a new trend. Especially after all the trouble of last year, customers want to find exactly what they need and leave stores quickly. That’s why the trend is to now display the product’s name first and foremost on the packaging to ensure customers don’t have to linger longer than necessary.

Sustainable Packaging

In almost all industries, sustainability and environmental protection have become some of the top priorities. Plastic packaging that will only go on to harm our planet is no longer the standard that every product uses. More recyclable packaging is the trend these days, as customers are even more aware of their effect on the environment than ever before.

Here at M.A. Patterson, we do our best to stay up to date on the important trends in our industry. When you need custom sustainable packaging, we’re your go-to place. And when you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, we’ll be there to help.