The best cosmetic brands instill a sense of loyalty and excitement in their customers, but what can you do to inspire consumers and snatch up sales? We’re here to help with these tips for designing cosmetic packaging that sells.

Determine Who You’re Designing For

Figuring out your audience is an essential first step to designing packaging for cosmetics. While many cosmetic brands market to professional women, there are plenty out there that want to catch the eye of teenagers or men. The labels on your branding and packaging need careful thought to appeal to your target audience. 

Look at Competitors

There’s nothing wrong with peeking at what your competitors are doing with similar products. This is a great way to see what others are doing right with their cosmetic package design while getting a sense of ways you can do it better. Pay special attention to the colors and patterns they’re using—if there are repeated trends, you should figure out why and whether you want to stand out from the crowd or stick with what works.

Put Thought Into Colors

Colors can say a lot about a product before a customer even reads the label. Pink is a go-to option for cosmetics, but it may not fit into your branding. While pink is a safe bet, it’s much harder to grab people’s attention because the packaging may look like all the other products on the shelves. Consider something bold that matches your company’s vibe and target audience when designing makeup packaging.

Figure Out a Focal Point

A great way to let consumers know what your product is all about is to pick a simple, eye-catching focal point. You might use this to advertise a specific ingredient, or it could be an opportunity to increase familiarity with your logo. Make sure your focal point is the most essential thing for a shopper to know about your product.

Now that you know these tips for designing cosmetic packaging that sells, feel free to reach out if you need custom designs for your cosmetic packaging—we can help!