Labels are one of the most versatile and cost-effective packaging options. With a custom packaging label mockup from Virtual Packaging, you can brand your product exactly how you want it. The color and packaging finish possibilities are endless, so you can create something that’s simple, intricate, or luxurious; you can even design something that’s a combination of all three styles.

Some of our label packaging options include:

  • Food Label Prototype. It’s essential that your food label mockup is visually appealing, contains necessary product information, and encourages consumers to buy your product. At Virtual Packaging, we work with you to make sure your label mockup looks perfect, from cans of soup to baby food labels custom-made to your needs.

  • Bottle Label Prototype. Whether you need it to be microwave safe, waterproof, or removable without residue, we can make sure that your product is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

  • Wine Label Mockup. When your pinot noir is sitting on the shelf next to hundreds of other pinots and red wines, it’s ultimately the wine packaging that will be your consumer’s first impression. With wine label mockups from Virtual Packaging, you can see a few different options in person before choosing your favorite to be sent to mass production. Most reds essentially look the same in the bottle, so make yours stand out with a stunning packaging. We can create premium labels with foil stamping and embossed elements to help your bottle pop of the shelf!

True to their name, our custom packaging label comps can be completed with any of our different finishing types. For something even more special, we also have options for embossing, foil stamping, and more. If you need any help deciding which label packaging options will best suit your specific product, contact Virtual Packaging. Whatever industry you’re in, we’ve been there and done that, allowing us to properly guide you in the right direction.