If you’re looking for custom paperboard boxes and carton packaging comp services, Virtual Packaging is the place to go. Utilized in practically every industry, we can create the perfect product packaging solution for objects of all shapes and sizes. We’ll make sure that it not only serves a functional purpose, but a visual one as well.

Custom Box Packaging Prototypes

  • Paperboard Boxes. These are typically used for food and other smaller consumer goods. Our product box mockups can also be made with windows, making them perfect for action figures, dolls, and other toys.

    • White. With white paperboard boxes (SBS, SUS), you can easily put custom artwork on all of your packaging. Utilizing the white board can cut costs as you do not have to print a white ink. SBS / SUS Stocks are great to get vibrant colors.

    • Natural Kraft (CCNB). Custom paperboard boxes with brown insides are typically used for cereals, protein bars, pastas, and other food products. The brown paperboard is also made from recycled material which has become a largely sought-after substrate in whole foods, organic, and healthy lifestyle packaging. This type of packaging is the epitome of eco-friendliness.

  • Corrugated Boxes. These strong boxes are used for heavy-duty products, such as frying pans and coffee makers. The pleated material is made up of three separate layers of thick paperboard – featuring two flat liners on the outside with a fluted material in the middle. This type of package is typically crush proof, and the majority of shipping boxes are even using this material to protect your products inside.

  • Rigid Boxes. This type of box is often associated with luxury retail items. Made of an extremely condensed paperboard, it’s quite durable yet still fairly lightweight. It’s easy to incorporate a bookflap or magnetic closure, in addition to compartments, domes, and other premium features on this type of prototype box packaging.

Custom Carton Packaging Prototypes

When it comes to a carton packaging mockup, the sky’s the limit. From natural brown and bleach white to metallized, holographic, recyclable, and more, we can create a piece that not only represents your brand, but sells it as well. Whether you’re looking for a large PDQ / POP Display to highlight a special product of the week or a smaller one for candy, gum, and other last-minute items in the checkout line, we’ll help you create a display unit that’s sure to stand out in a retail store. Don’t forget to check out our finishing types as well! There are no size restrictions on our custom carton box packaging prototypes, so whether you need something for a 6 oz. bottle of lotion or a 60 in. TV, we’ve got you covered.

Folding Carton Production Runs

With our new digital technology, we now offering short to mid run production runs for folding cartons. Use our prototyping services to get your cartons looking perfect, and when you are ready for a sales sample run or our mid size run for market testing. Learn more about our short to mid production runs here.