Point of purchase displays are vital in the retail industry. Many creative point of purchase display packaging designs can draw the attention of customers and boost sales. This is where to place your point of purchase display for the best results. Drive sales, conversions, and your average transaction size. Promote your products with the best placement for your point of purchase displays.

In Your POS Areas

Placing POP displays in the POS areas of the store, near the cash register and leading up to it, is an excellent way to inspire impulse buys from customers. Customers at the end of their shopping are more likely to add a small item to their transaction when they see something they want or need in the POS area. Increase average transaction size by placing POP displays in the POS area.

On Aisle Endcaps

Aisle endcaps are a great place to set up your point of purchase displays. As customers round the aisle, they’ll see items they love or need on display. Place your POP display on an aisle endcap to drive sales and get customers buying without even walking down the aisles.

At the Center of Large Aisles

You can assemble larger POP displays at the center of large aisles to draw customers’ attention. The central aisles are perfect for larger displays or palette displays. Assemble POP at the center of your aisles to attract your customers’ attention as they shop.

On Gondola Fixtures

Gondola fixtures can attract customers’ attention when arranged with colorful and strategic displays. Incorporate POP items into your gondola fixtures to lure customers’ attention today.

Inside of Display Cases

The next time you wonder where to place your point of purchase display, consider inside of one of your display cases for smaller POP items. Small POP displays are perfect for making your display cases look neat and orderly. Use display cases the next time you place a POP display.

If you are looking for a creative point of purchase display packaging design for your product, we can help. Our experience in package design makes us uniquely qualified to help you create a striking design that captures attention for your product. Contact us to get a quote for your packaging design today.