Whether you’re going for a simple, sophisticated, edgy, or classic aesthetic, our custom cosmetic packaging prototypes can help make your makeup products shine. With endless custom makeup packaging options from Virtual Packaging, you’re sure to find the perfect fit that complements your brand image and message.

When it comes to custom cosmetic packaging mockups, we have a ton of different options to accommodate a variety of different makeup products.

  • High-End Premium Boxes. One of the alluring things about makeup, in addition to the product itself, is the packaging it comes in. A high-quality and aesthetically pleasing box puts the consumer in the mindset that your brand of makeup is high-end.

  • Foil Stamp. Looking to add a little shine? Make your cosmetic packaging as shimmery as the highlighter or eyeshadow inside with a foil stamp finish.

  • Embossing. If you want something that’s both simple and bold, embossing is the way to go. The raised surface gives just enough texture to make the makeup packaging design interesting and memorable without being over the top. It’s a fantastic way to highlight your brand name, logo, or other designs on the packaging.

  • Soft Touch. A soft touch finish is commonly used to make cosmetic boxes soft to the touch. This scratch-resistant finish is so smooth that the end product won’t even feel like cardboard. For luxury in a box, combine it with a matte finish.

  • Spot Vanish. Using a spot varnish finish is another way to make a specific area of your packaging stand out. This clear ink is available in gloss, satin, or matte.

  • Direct Print. Ideal for makeup and other beauty gadgets, a direct print technique allows you to put your brand name or other message right on the product.

  • Premium Labels. Whether it’s a liquid matte lipstick, jet black eyeliner, or lash intensifying mascara, premium labels offer a snug fit. This allows you to easily incorporate your brand, logo, color name, or other message on your makeup packaging.

These are just a few of the many ways that Virtual Packaging can create a custom cosmetic packaging comp for your line of makeup products.