Color Vu is a sister company of Virtual that provides high-end rub on transfers, also called dry transfer or rubdowns, that can be applied to essentially any product. From labeling parts to printing logos and artwork onto products, rub on transfers have endless applications. Color Vu dry transfers are the perfect solutions for branding, labeling, advertising, and much more. 

The Dry Transfer Process

The transfer process allows for direct application, which can simulate screen printing. This quick and easy solution is as simple as cut, align, rubdown, and peel. The result is instant, visually appealing custom images, logos, or lettering on your product or packaging.

Use Rub On Transfers for a Variety of Materials

Color Vu transfers adhere to virtually any material, including metal, wood, glass, plastic, and paper. For instance, you can use rub on transfers on metal to effectively label a soundboard or on glass to brand a glassware prototype.

Learn More about Color Vu Dry Rub Transfers

Visit Color Vu today for more information about custom rub on transfers and how they can help you create a professional product prototype. If you can imagine it, they can design and print it. They make your design ideas a reality—and fast. With a standard three-day turnaround, you’ll receive your transfers quickly. Get a quote from Color Vu today.