Virtual Packaging works daily to maintain the creative evolution of its product line in order to keep pace with demands of the ever-changing packaging world. We understand the critical importance of making your product be the one that catches the consumer’s attention! The sampling of packaging formats below illustrates just some of Virtual’s capabilities. For more information, please download our brochure here.


Virtual Packaging can provide you with ‘LIVE’ sales samples and mock prototypes to present to potential buyers or supervisors.

Our packaging mockups will meet or exceed the standard for TV and print advertising through our vibrant colors and crisp images, whether it is a physical packaging comp or a 3D product mockup.


Virtual Packaging mockups will easily showcase different variations of your package for market and focus group testing, as well as eliminate guesswork for package design decisions.

Ultimately, the packaging prototypes will provide you with a powerful sales tool to assist you in targeting new clients through customization.


Clearly display your product to potential clients at industry trade shows.

Virtual Packaging mockups will give you credibility when presenting new ideas by appealing to the senses, allowing your prospects the opportunity to see, feel, and open.