Product packaging is one of the easiest ways to determine a great product from a mediocre one. Even if your product is exceptional, no one will want to buy it if its packaging looks cheap and monotonous. Now, to get your product to stand out on shelves, you might be inclined to use bright and bold colors, which works for some companies, but certainly not all. In fact, great packaging is often found in the simple details. Color is one of those details, but another element that people often overlook is font. You can learn why typography is important in packaging by reading on.

Typography Communicates Your Product’s Features and Benefits

We know this might come as shock to some of you, but the typography is your products’ primary source of communication. The typography must be intriguing yet clear to get the attention of customers. The balance of choosing your typography’s style and size is challenging because you need something easy to read yet interesting. Both you and every other competing company on the market want their product to essentially speak for itself on the shelf, which is usually easier said than done.

Your Chosen Font Shows If You’re Current or Not

Remember about a decade ago, when everything from a business document to a school paper had to be in Times New Roman? For those of you who aren’t aware, Times New Roman is an extremely popular serif typeface. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with Times New Roman, it is rather overused. Because people used Times New Roman so often, we’ve all become numb to it, and it doesn’t stand out at all. If anything, the typeface might turn people off because it’s now deemed “old-school,” and they may consider your product “old-school” as well. Just to clear the air, Times New Roman is definitely not the only typeface that’s been overused.

The Font Can Appeal Different Audiences

Different people respond to typefaces differently. We see it in different industries all the time. Modern companies, for instance, tend to lean toward simple, clean, and minimalist fonts. These same fonts also attract a younger customer base. Alternatively, some companies use elegant calligraphy-style typefaces. More elegant fonts tend to appeal to wealthier individuals who are looking for luxury products. Of course, there’s no clear-cut rule about typefaces and the audiences they appeal to, but some social classes are more attracted to certain fonts than others.

The primary reason why typography is so important in packaging is merely that it represents your product. Your packaging design could be stunning, but if your typography isn’t on point, you might have a hard time getting the attention of your target customer.

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