The beverage industry involves lots of moving parts. The product needs to appeal to the clientele, but it also requires care and special packaging to preserve its freshness and ensure its safety. Safety, hygiene, and freshness are also vital elements of quality to maintain. Shrink wrap is essential for preserving products in the beverage industry, and we’ll tell you why.

What Is Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrap is a packaging protection material for the food and beverage industry. It’s a plastic film that’s flexible and durable enough to wrap around any object regardless of the shape or size. Manufacturers apply heat to the film, which causes the plastic to shrink, hence the name.

Once it begins to shrink and tighten, it conforms to the product’s shape, keeping everything safe and intact for transportation. There are several ways to process and apply shrink wrap, but the most efficient one is using a shrink wrap machine. The machine wraps, heats, and seals the product all at once, saving you from doing it manually.

Safe, Hygienic, Fresh

The bottle cap and aluminum lid don’t provide enough protection for beverages. Spills, leaks, and other mishaps can happen during transport. More importantly, the products must remain closed off from any unwanted contaminants.

No one wants to drink a flat soda or open a water bottle and see something floating in it. Because of its durability and tightness, shrink wrap can preserve the drink’s freshness and prevent anything from entering it. Moreover, the wrap keeps the sun away, ensuring the beverages stay cool and protected from UV rays.

Marketing Benefits

One of the best things about shrink wrap is that it gives you more than one place to put your logo and promote your brand. You can use any colors or words to design your shrink wrap. At the same time, you can incorporate as many logos and pictures as you want. Virtual Packaging offers custom shrink wrap packaging to help you uniquely promote your products.

Additionally, customers will notice how much you care for your products when you use shrink wrap. You want to ensure that they feel satisfied once the product gets to them. Your care will communicate that you provide the best products.

Don’t hesitate to find more ways to take care of your products. Shrink wrap is essential for your beverages, so shop with us and explore new ways to promote your brand.