The cosmetic business will always be one of the most lucrative businesses out there. People are highly invested in their personal appearance, and it has nothing to do with vanity. It’s all about wanting to feel and look your best. If you’re in the cosmetic business, then you already know this. But there might be a few things you don’t know. Read on to learn why foil stamps are perfect for cosmetics packaging.

What Are Foil Stamps?

Foil stamping, also known as foil printing, is a method of applying colored foils to a surface for an elegant look. The process uses a combination of heat and pressure to stick the foil to a printed substrate.

If you want your packaging to stand out, consider adding a foil design as a final touch. It completes the look and makes the product appear sophisticated and sleek. But it’s important to know how to use foil stamps to your advantage.

Easily Manipulated

The material and the process of the foil stamps make them easy to manipulate. The process uses a die, a surface to print on, and a thin layer of foil. You can choose from several different dyes that best represent your brand and product.

The most common dyes are metallic, holographic, or pigmented. They either give off a silver, gold, or multicolor effect to the products. Manufacturers cut the dye into the shape of the design, heat it to the surface, and then impress it upon the foil. The multiple colors will easily catch the eye and encourage shoppers to wonder what is underneath the foil.

Stamp Sustainability

Sustainability is just as important as beauty to the cosmetic business. Since the cosmetic business is so popular, being able to reuse items for packaging is always beneficial. As you work to design the perfect makeup product packaging, consider using foil stamps because of their sustainability.

The Foil & Specialty Effects Association (FSEA) conducted a study that proved packaging with foil has the recyclable and repulp ability of foil re-decorated stock. You’ll save money by reusing the packaging.

Here at M.A. Patterson, we’re all about elevation and finding new and effective ways to package your products. Foil stamps are perfect for your cosmetic packaging, and we’ve got more tips on our website. Take a look!