People of all ages love candy. And consumers trust that when they open their packaging, they will be pleased with the contents on the inside. Be selective and smart when choosing which type of packaging is best for your candy products.

Pillow Pouches

Pillow pouches are a common type of packaging for candy, and they’re especially popular during Halloween and Easter. These are the holidays where candy is the main event, and manufacturers know they need to fill the shelves with the most options for consumers.

Use pillow pouches and bags to hold pre-wrapped candies in a bundle. You’ll rarely see these bags filled with unwrapped candies because it makes too much of a mess. Plus, the wrapping preserves the flavor of the candies and prevents air from traveling through and making them stale.

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are extremely convenient for consumers and suppliers because they maintain the freshness of the candies. Manufacturers don’t have to individually wrap the items in these packages, and they’re best for hard candies.

If shoppers don’t want to eat their candy in one go, they reserve the right to come back to the bag later and experience the same level of freshness as the first time they opened the bag. It helps them use portion control or take their candy on the go and not worry about spillage.

Flexible Pouches

Flexible pouches are a treat for gummy candies. They come with the same zipper-seal closure as the plastic bag. However, these pouches conform to any manipulated size, which makes them convenient for storing and placement.

Plus, they have wonderful printing capabilities, making them the ideal packaging for branding. If you have a specific image or message you want to print across the surface, it will come across clearly and beautifully. Also, these pouches stand up on their own, so they’re easy to spot on the shelf.

Mini Carton Box

Mini-carton boxes may not be as common when it comes to candy packaging, but they’re still a great option. These packages can hold a lot of mini candies. You can often find cartons made out of cardboard boxes and customized in different colors and shapes.

At Virtual Packing, we offer carton printing for our customers to place their brand and logo on all their packaging. Custom printing makes the packaging more appealing. If you need additional help selecting the best type of packaging for your candy, visit our website.