What’s on the inside matters, but let’s face it, the outside packaging is what entices people the most—especially when it comes to snacks and food products. Not every product can get packaged the same way. In fact, it’s best to know which are the best options out there for your consumer products. Learn more about which items you can package in pillow pouches.

Coffee Beans

Coffee lovers need those beans fresh. The fresher the bean, the stronger the cup of joe. Pillow pouch packaging has no problem keeping coffee beans fresh. The design and manufacturing of the material keep everything sealed inside.

A pillow pouch provides a barrier against light, moisture, and air. You don’t need to worry about coffee getting exposed to any of these elements during transit. And even better, consumers don’t need to worry about the beans becoming stale in their homes. That resealable top keeps everything out.

Sweets and Candy

Some people think that candy can’t get stale because it has a very long shelf life. But that’s only true if the candy packaging protects it. Trust us; no one wants to unwrap a piece of candy and bite down on something that’s gone bad.

Pillow pouches keep candy fresh and prevent it from being contaminated. Temperature fluctuations can cause the crystallization of sugar, resulting in extremely sticky or grainy textured candy. This can also cause the candy to develop an off-flavor and change color. Pillow pouches prevent this issue.

Pet Chow

No one wants to deal with a sick pet. Paying close attention to their diet and the things they consume is the first step to ensuring pets stay happy and healthy. A lot of consumers buy their pet food in bulk. They don’t want to shop every day for their furry friend’s meals because it’s a waste of time and money.

This is another area where the pillow pouches come in handy. Pillow pouches guarantee a long shelf life so customers don’t need to worry about pet food expiring before they can use it. Everything expires eventually, but with a resealable top, people know the product is protected. Plus, being lightweight makes it easier to transport.

Variety of Snacks

The number of snacks you can pack inside pillow pouches seems endless. There’s trail mix, nuts, raisins, chips, cookies, baked goods, yogurt, popcorn—the list goes on. Because most of these products have a versatile design, pillow pouches will form to their shape.

You can use pillow packages for so many different items, so take advantage of the advertisement opportunity. Think about using one of our custom-printed stand-up pouches to place your company’s logo and branding. You can even add a few images to grab the customer’s attention.

Here at M.A. Patterson Company, we are all about helping companies stand out and grab their customers’ attention. Knowing which items you can package in pillow pouches is just the first step. For more information, visit our website.