It’s understandable why retailers choose to avoid using dumpster bins in their stores. When you’re trying to promote and sell a product, the first instinct is to put it on a shelf with a beautiful spotlight. It may seem like products don’t get their rightful shine when placed inside a container alongside other merchandise, but that’s not true. We can tell you when you should use dump bins to display your products.

When Products Are in High Demand

If products are flying off the shelves like hotcakes, you need to find alternative placements for them. Products that are extremely popular and selling faster than you can replace them on the shelf should be placed in a dump bin. Not only does it save the retailers from constantly restocking, but it also makes things more convenient for the customer.

If you don’t choose to station the bin in the middle of the store, place signs and arrows that direct shoppers to the bin. The faster they can get to their product, the happier they’ll be. A dump bin is only conducive to durable and sturdy products. Refrain from placing electronics inside the bin. Their popularity needs to be recognized by being displayed on a shelf.

When Products Can’t Leave the Shelf

It’s no secret that retailers use dump bins when they’re having trouble selling a product. Some items just don’t appeal to customers the way others do, but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable of selling. You just need to attack the situation from a different angle.

Sometimes, placing products inside a bin with proper promotion on the cover is enough to catch a customer’s eye. Shoppers need to see the items in a different light. And a low-price sign is an efficient way to make customers curious.

When Products Need Immediate Attention

If you’ve encountered new merchandise and want to save customers the trouble of stumbling upon things by accident, use a dump bin. This gives them a front-row seat to what’s new on the market. Plus, the items you place in the dump bin don’t need to be all the same product.

For example, you can group together similar items grouped that come in high quantities. If you just received a new supply of protein packing, cooking seasoning, or even aluminum water bottles, you can place them all in the dump bin alongside each other.

When Products Are on Sale or Promotion

Finally, if you have a new sale or promotion going on, you need to promote it in a big way. And a big dump bin is the perfect solution. It’s the right size, and the outside of the bin leaves plenty of room to promote the sale or promotion.

At Virtual Packaging, we have point-of-purchase display printing that our customers can use on their dump pins to promote their products. If some products in the store are moving slower than others, place them inside the dumb bin with a big sale sign.

Use dump bins to display your products and help with branding and marketing. For more information, visit our website.