Being in the consumer business means there are a lot of ways to package and distribute your products. But the objective is to find the best way to package your specific products. Trying out a new strategy that could fail or damage the product is never ideal. We’ve got a new option for you. Here’s when to use a belly band for product packaging.

What Is Belly Band Packaging?

You’ve probably seen belly bands all over but never really knew the name for them. Belly bands are a type of custom packaging sleeve that encircles a product. The sleeve encloses and secures a product while also promoting your brand.

The packaging doesn’t always have to be for security. Sometimes, manufacturers use the band solely for aesthetic purposes. You can use it to your advantage to highlight your product, company, or any custom elements or promotional deals.

Sometimes, packaging sleeves and belly bands are used interchangeably. But custom sleeves are more likely to encircle boxes or box products. These sleeves are thicker than a standard belly band.

How Do You Design Belly Band Packaging?

Designing a belly band is easier than it looks. There might be a little math involved, but it’s nothing to stress over. You’ll need to create a physical sample before creating a design file. Cut a strip of paper four inches wide and the length of the product.

Wrap the four-inch band around the product, and then use a pencil to mark where the two ends meet. From here, you can deduce the necessary length of the band. Just to be on the safe side, you might want to add 1/4 inch to the length to allow a margin of error. That overlap can be beneficial.

When Do You Use Belly Band Packaging?

Because belly bands can operate as security and aesthetic, they can work with many different products. Product sellers can use belly band packaging on almost any product.

Always make sure the packaging works with the product. The belly band should never damage or disturb the original packaging. Ensure the band is tight to the point of security but not destruction. Use belly bands when you want to enforce the branding or have a new product to promote.

Belly band packaging is especially popular around holidays because it allows manufacturers to grab the consumer’s attention. Here at M.A. Patterson Company, we’ve got small-run packaging for your belly band packaging. We can help you figure out when to use belly band packaging and any other special packaging options. For more information, visit our website.