Packaging and properly arranging your products for distribution are vital for all supply and demand chains. The products need to arrive at the distribution facility and the customer looking pristine. The reputation of that company is on the line. Shrink sleeve labels are essential materials you need to consider for your products. Read on to learn what the purpose of shrink sleeve labels is.

What Are Shrink Sleeve Labels?

Working in the consumer business means you’re probably no stranger to shrink wrap and its benefits. Shrink sleeve labels fall under that category too, but here’s a clearer definition.

A shrink sleeve is a specific type of product label for bottles or cans. Manufacturers make these labels from a plastic film or polyester material to ensure their durability and perfection. This is because plastic must be strong enough to tighten around them. The sleeves should completely contort to the desired shape of the container.

Manufacturers place the sleeve over the product, then use a heat-shrinking process and steam tunnels to contort the label onto the product. Some companies use software that does all the work for them.

The Purpose of Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeve labels have a few different purposes, but the two most important are protection and brand promotion. The sleeves offer an extra layer of defense to the product. The plastic film may not seem sturdy, but it’s strong enough to withstand the scrapes and bruises that the product may endure.

Additionally, the labels are great for advertising and brand promotion. Companies have an opportunity to be creative with these shrink sleeves because they’re blank canvases. Add your company logo and any other messages you want to send out to your customers on these labels.

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The Ways To Add Shrink Sleeve Labels

There isn’t one set way to use a shrink sleeve label. The process is pretty standard for all companies, but there are multiple ways to add the sleeve to your product.

  • Neck-band sleeve: It goes over the lid of the product for additional protection.
  • Partial-body sleeve: The label wraps only around a portion of the product.
  • Full-body sleeve: The label wraps around the entire product but may not include the cap.
  • Multi-pack sleeve: This wraps around multiple products to group them for sale.

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