Personal training regimens are extremely popular ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. Gym enthusiasts are taking the world by storm, and in addition to working out, they are taking special care about what they consume. Providing your customers with the best, freshest products is your main priority. Here, you can learn ways to package protein powders and drinks.

Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches are great. They take up less space, and they’re easy to manipulate. Packaging protein powders and drinks in stand-up pouches reduces the need for rigid containers. Instead of bringing a bulky bottle to the gym or on a run, exercise enthusiasts can pack a stand-up pouch and not worry about it taking up too much space.

It’s not unheard of the bring a jar of protein powder to the gym, but stand-up pouches are much more convenient. Providing convenience for customers is always a plus.

Metal Canisters

Metal canisters are a little better for the environment than their cardboard and plastic counterparts. Glass canisters are another option if you want to provide customers with a container they can reuse for other purposes.

Metal canisters may not seem like they’re designed for protein powders and drinks. At first glance, they may look like once-popular coffee cans with plastic lids on top. But these are handy because they maintain freshness and allow easy opening. Plus, they’re another container that your customer can reuse.

Bottle Filling

Bottle filling is another popular packaging option. These bottles don’t look like your typical container for a beverage. The tapered-neck protein packaging looks like a traditional vitamin bottle. There are standard and oversized versions.

Provide customers with both versions so they have a portable option. These have screw-off tops or push-up lids. Customers will associate these containers with nutritional supplements because of their recognizable shape.

Jars and Tubs

And now we have our jars and tubs. These might be the most popular packaging options for protein powders and drinks. They’re straight-sided plastic jars with sustainable bioplastic options.

The size of the jars and stubs makes it easier to place your brand on the cover. Consider grouping these jars with a custom shrink wrap so the brand is always recognizable. Shrink wrap also helps to seal and maintain freshness.

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