In the consumer business, it’s all about sales and reaching that bottom line. Increasing your business sales can happen in a few different ways, and finding out which strategy works best for your business might take some trial and error. If you’re considering using product dump bins, here are the ways they affect your sales.

Displays a Bargain

Everyone loves a bargain. If customers have the opportunity to find their most treasured items at a discount rate, they’re going to grab the chance. That’s usually their first assumption when they see a dump bin inside a store. They figure the price displayed on the cover of the bin is the cheapest these products have ever sold.

That knowledge alone is enough to get them to consider making a purchase. Make sure the price is displayed clearly, and feel free to provide any indications. Some stores will compare the previous price to the current one just to showcase the steal for customers.

Centers Around Seasonal Products

Display bins work really well during seasonal sales. Stores utilize them a lot during holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, and even St. Patrick’s Day. Consumers have specific tastes during the holiday season. They come to stores knowing exactly what they need.

Placing specific items in one general location makes things easier for customers. They won’t need to sift through the aisles or travel far. However, you should be specific about what you place in these bins. Don’t mix too many products together. For example, during Thanksgiving, the only thing you need in a display bin is turkeys.

Gets Rid of Old Stock

Display bins work well for those items that you just can’t seem to sell quickly. Maybe customers didn’t see them or didn’t have any use for them. Whatever the case, it doesn’t matter. Placing the items in the dump bins puts them in a different light.

Now, the products have the attention of consumers. Sometimes, maneuvering and changing the store layout is all you need to sell something. Try to keep old stock to one continuous theme. For example, create a bin full of DVDs you need to sell and get rid of. Customers could spend a long time looking through the bins.

Creates a Sense of Urgency

For some reason, display bins create a sense of urgency. It might be the message on the front or seeing so many products piled together at once. Either way, customers see the bin and assume they have a small window before things are gone.

That’s a good thing. You designed and established the display in a way that seems like your store is the only place to get certain products. If a crowd happens to gather, that’s even better. Use point-of-purchase display printing to design the message appropriately on the bin.

At M.A. Patterson Company, we’ll help you get your message across and your sales up. Product dump bins are just one thing that will affect your sales. For more information, visit our website.