Whether you’re a small independent coffee shop that sells beans at your shop, or you’re a big name in the supermarket, your packaging matters. While many people think they can get away with basic packaging as long as their brand is on it, that doesn’t quite cut it for coffee. Americans alone drink about 400 million cups of coffee every day, and naturally, you want your coffee to be in their cup. Unsurprisingly, the coffee industry is one of the most competitive markets, so how do you make your coffee stand out from the competition? Of course, you need a great product, but you need your packaging to catch consumers’ eyes. We’ve got you covered with the following tips for creating unique coffee packaging.

Your Packaging Should Tell a Story and Be Descriptive

One of the best ways to connect with customers is through stories, and there’s a story to every company. In the coffee industry, you might want to tell the story of where your beans come from, or what coffee means to you. If you’re not physically there to tell the story, your packaging needs to tell it for you clearly and concisely. You could incorporate the story on the coffee bag itself or include a card inside.

In addition to sharing a story, coffee aficionados want to know if your beans come from Uganda, Brazil, or another region. Additionally, you should include information such as the roast, brewing recommendations, and flavor notes. It’s important to keep your description minimal because otherwise, customers won’t know what to focus on. The last thing you want is to supply customers with a lot of detailed information on your packaging; that’s what your website’s for.

Consider the Current Trends

In recent years, packaging trends shifted largely to minimal designs and keeping things very simple. However, if a minimal design doesn’t align with your business, you shouldn’t try to force it. The most important factor in packaging in any industry is authenticity. Another common trend features big and bold colors, which can really grab the customer’s eye in an aisle full of black and dark brown coffee bags. Alternatively, sustainability is a huge keyword in the coffee world today for both packaging and sourcing. That said, consumers like products in eco-friendly packaging, and it’s no different for coffee. Moreover, if your coffee has certifications from Fair Trade USA or the USDA, show that on your packaging. People want to know they’re buying products that are sustainable.

There are several routes you could take with your product marketing, but these tips for creating unique coffee packaging will get you on the right track. When it comes to choosing the right type of packaging, that’s where we come in.

To ensure top quality, consider product pouch packagingfrom Virtual Packaging. Our team has extensive experience in marketing and packaging, and we use advanced technology to support our customers. If you’d like to begin the process or have any questions, contact us today. We look forward to creating unique packaging together soon.