If you don’t know what print collateral is, we’re here to tell you. It’s a great tool to convert leads into sales, but more specifically, it’s any printed material used to promote a company, product, or service. And marketing collateral is any media material used to promote a company’s product or service.

Combine them, and you make one powerful tool. Take that power to the next level with our help. Check out the most important types of printed marketing collateral.


People are still reading brochures, especially if the information is valuable and the format is eye-catching. Plus, it’s one of the most direct ways to get the information they need about a product or service.

When trying to appeal to a customer, you have a limited amount of time to get everything out and keep them interested. Brochures save the day. Include graphic elements of your brand and a brief description of what you offer. Run through the basic who, what, when, where, why, and how.


The next best thing after a brochure is a flyer. Flyers are quick, easy, and a lot of fun to pass out. You can use them to promote something specific and new. You can always use them to support the business as a whole, but when you have news approaching, a flyer is one of the most effective forms of communication.

Post flyers in public areas, and ask local businesses to pass them out to their clientele. Expand past your standard avenues. Even places you don’t think would support your business could have the exact customers you’re after.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is another useful tool. It helps to remind customers to come back for more and keeps you fresh in their minds. If they’re not near your product or storefront, your services could slip their minds, or they could miss out on new features coming up.

Get customers’ addresses after their purchases to send them postcards and personal messages. You’ll need to use a digital label printing service to do this, but the more personal you get, the more customers will be intrigued to learn more.

Shelf Talkers

We love a good shelf talker. They have a way with words and bring customers back for more. Shelf talkers speak to customers who wander throughout the store. They’re great for that impulse buyer or the shopper who has more questions and can’t find an attendant.

Shelf talkers grab people’s attention and keep it. They help shoppers consider a product and decide on a purchase. Make sure your shelf talker has eye-catching elements.

At M.A. Patterson Company, our philosophy is to utilize as many marketing strategies as possible. These most important types of printing marketing collateral are just a few good examples. Contact us for more information!