The consumer industry continues to grow, and so does supply and demand. You have only one shot to captivate your audience. Therefore, that first impression needs to be a good one. Check out these different types of product package finishes to make a lasting impression.

Laminated Finish

Laminated finishes are called foil or film. Manufacturers apply lamination to the topcoat of the packaging. There are a couple of different coats you can consider with this type of finish.

Gloss Foil

Gloss foil makes the packaging a little stiffer and the color more vibrant. If you want to catch the customer’s eye, gloss foil will do the trick. Print your brand logo across the surface, and make sure the colors don’t blend into each other.

Not only does this coating make the package seem more vivid, but it is also splashproof and dustproof. You don’t need to worry about moisture or dust damaging the outside of the package.

Metalized Foil

Metalized foil is fun for cosmetics and other unique products. The coating is so powerful and colorful that you won’t need to worry about adding any extra details to make the packaging pop.

Choose from silver gloss foil, rainbow foil, gold foil, silver matte foil, or holographic foil. These are some of the most common uses for this finish.

UV Finish

When you think about UV, don’t just think about the sun. A UV finish only adds gloss elements to certain parts of the package. The rest of the surface remains matte.

A UV finish is applied over a print to protect it. UV gloss spots and UV matte spots are two of the most common coatings for this finish.

UV Gloss Spot

UV gloss protects from scratches and damage to the surface. Damage may still occur but won’t be as noticeable with this coating.

UV Matte Spot

UV matte spot is not as noticeable as a gloss spot finish. But this doesn’t mean it won’t still grab the customers’ attention. It looks extremely sophisticated and is a more subtle way of adding a UV varnish.

Soft Touch Finish

A soft touch finish focuses on creating a more tactile experience with the packaging because the material has a velvety softness and texture.

Soft Touch Coating

Manufacturers apply soft touch coating as liquid during the inline process after printing. Once the coating dries, the packaging is left with a velvet-like feel. It’s a popular option for folded box printing.

Soft Touch Laminating

Soft touch laminating is a different matte finish from the typical style. Manufacturers bond the film to the top of the printed piece. This finish gives the surface a softer feel.

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