When you start a business, no one ever tells you that your packaging and the way it looks can affect sales. But after implementing a few changes in your shipping department, you will see increased promotion and a broader audience to market to. There are four different types of bags for packaging: wrapper pouches, liquid pouches, poly mailer bags, and foil sealed pouch bags. Using these packing materials with your brand’s theme and logo will increase business immensely.

Wrapper Pouches

Wrapper pouches are great because they allow you to wrap your product up without worrying about any damage. Using these pouches is a great way to express your creativity while giving the customer reusable packaging. If you request it, we can make custom wrapper pouches specifically for your brand.

Liquid Pouch Packing

Liquid pouch packing is excellent if you serve many condiments, sell frozen lemonade, or ship any other liquid item. These pouches allow people to see the inside contents and their color. Further, they’re great for those who need to refill industry containers in a simpler and cleaner manner. They also allow you to customize the bag’s contents; these pouches are versatile and come in both dual and separated varieties. If you’re not the best with designs or additives, you can easily add a sticker with your logo, a crazy texture, or a reusable straw to your pouch!

Poly Mailer Bags

The most common of the different types of bags for packaging are poly mailer bags. They are inexpensive, and you can customize them with your logo or any design or color. Poly mailers are a great alternative to boxes for small business owners to use for clothes, accessories, and other lightweight objects.

Foil Sealed Pouch Bags

Foil sealed pouch bags are great if you ship food items or anything susceptible to melting. In addition, you can put a sticker logo on your packaging and include more customizations on the inside in a separate plastic bag.

Feel confident walking into your shipping vendor or the local post office with these different types of product pouch packaging that will ensure your product makes it to the customer safely.