Some products require plastic wrap and others require shrink wrap. And some products can use either, but that doesn’t mean you should use whichever wrap you feel like arbitrarily. It’s about providing the most dependable material for your products. If you’re having trouble choosing which one to use, read on to learn the differences between plastic wrap and shrink wrap.

What Is Plastic Wrap?

Plastic wrap is also known as a stretch wrap or stretch film. The function is in the name. The stretch-like quality makes it easy to conform to the shape of whatever item the wrap surrounds. It has the consistency and appearance of Saran wrap. This material is for bundling items together and preparing them for shipment.

Because of the plastic film, it tends to be sticky, which helps to secure the items. They stay in one place and don’t move much during transit. However, the stretchy material doesn’t always look uniform when it comes to packaging. The stickiness can obscure the product logo as well.

What Is Shrink Wrap?

Shrink wrap does exactly what you expect it to do—it shrinks to the products it contains. You’ll see shrink wrap on beverages shipped out by the truckload. Preparers cut the shrink wrap around the product using a bar and heat sealer.

Putting shrink wrap on items requires a few more steps than plastic wrap, but the results are worth it. Once the heat sets, the film conforms around the product, creating a sturdy seal and protecting the product during transport. There will be no leakages or spilled products with this material properly in place.

What Are the Benefits?

Both materials conform to the products well, but shrink wrap is a little more appealing and protective. Additionally, there’s room for more advertisement. Here at Virtual Packaging, we can provide you with custom logo shrink wraps for your products. You can place your brand logo on the front so that distributors and customers can see how well you take care of your products. Plastic wrap is cheaper. However, it can also have custom logos for your business. Consider costs and other factors discussed here when choosing a wrap.

We know all about product protection and the differences between things like plastic wrap and shrink wrap. For more information, visit our website.