The times of single-use plastic packaging are fading—and rightfully so. Most (if not all) consumers want eco-friendly packaging nowadays. In fact, one study found that 47% of consumers are willing to spend at least 5% more on personal-care products with sustainable packaging. That same study found that almost 60% of consumers are less inclined to buy a product with packaging that’s harmful to the environment. Furthermore, the study found that over a third of consumers wouldn’t buy products without eco-friendly packaging. In other words, many of your sales are in the hands of your packaging. If you’d like to learn more benefits of using sustainable packaging, read our guide below.

The environment will thank you

By using materials that are biodegradable or recycled, you’re significantly reducing new CO2 emissions. To put the environmental effects into perspective, a study found that a plastic bottle alone can take up to 450 years to decompose. That same study determined that plastic bags can take up to 1000 years. Yeah—one thousand years. Many consumers are well aware of the negative effects that plastic waste and other single-use items have on the environment.

Significantly improves your brand’s image

Because consumers are increasingly more conscious about the environment in their purchasing decisions, they hold your brand to a higher standard. If you’ve always put your products in packaging that’s harmful to the environment, consumers are less likely to buy your products. The good news is that it’s not too late to change your ways. If you acknowledge the benefits of using sustainable packaging and begin putting your products in eco-friendly packaging, your brand image will improve.

It’s better for business

In addition to a stronger brand image, as we saw before, consumers are more likely to buy your product if it’s in sustainable packaging. In other words, assuming your product and marketing are great, your sales will increase. Moreover, your shipping costs will decrease because sustainable packaging also means you’re using fewer materials. With fewer materials, your product will weigh less, which allows you to ship products at a lower cost. If you’re shipping large amounts of products, less packaging allows you to fit more products on a pallet to ship out at the same or lower cost.

All things considered, there are clear benefits of eco-friendly packaging. Some companies like Apple are especially good at using minimal packaging materials while maintaining a beautiful design and customer experience. Additionally, companies like Boxed Water Is Better use their sustainable packaging as their marketing and to obtain a competitive advantage.

If you’re convinced that you need sustainable packaging, contact the Virtual Packaging team. We specialize in various types of packaging, ranging from folding cartons, labels, bags, custom-printed shrink wrap, and so much more. If you’d like to request pricing or have any questions, contact our team of experts today. We’ll be happy to help your brand improve with excellent product packaging.