The ins and outs of the food industry are extensive. Manufacturers need to consider everything from marketing to production to packaging to distribution. They also need to consider the benefit of the product and the shopper, and that boils down to packaging. Choosing the correct packaging style is critical. Check out the benefits of flexible packaging for the food industry to make the decision easier for you.

Product Protection

Always protect the product. It needs to arrive at the distribution center and customers in the best conditions. Failure to protect products could result in damage to the reputation of your brand and business. Product owners never want to hear the words, “Those snacks are never fresh.”

Flexible packaging seals the freshness inside and keeps it there. It features a multi-layer construction that keeps oxygen out and aroma in. Each layer works to prevent and reduce spoilage by keeping the products together. Plus, flexible packaging is resistant to dents and breaks, which is a bonus during the shipping process.

Waste Reduction

It’s no secret that the food industry contributes to the waste generated throughout the world. Therefore, product owners have a responsibility to reduce that waste in the most economically safe and efficient ways possible.

Flexible packaging extends the shelf life of products without the need for preservatives. In the US, food waste is estimated at between 30 to 40 percent of the food supply. That corresponds to approximately 133 billion pounds. Reduce that number by incorporating flexible packaging in your production process. The shelf life will increase, decreasing food waste.

Recycling Action

Reduce, reuse, recycle. The phrase has been running rampant since the 70s and for reasons beyond its catchiness. Recycling is essential to the preservation and protection of the Earth.

Flexible packaging is environmentally friendly because it’s reusable. The EPA prefers the use of lightweight, reusable packaging because it uses fewer resources to produce. Plus, manufacturers can recycle most flexible packaging into another package.

Customer Satisfaction

Flexible packaging is easy to store, open, and reseal, and customers always love products designed with convenience in mind. Flexible packaging is lightweight, making it easy to transport and store in your home.

The benefits of flexible packaging for the food industry are endless. Take this opportunity to utilize custom stand-up pouches so shoppers can see the brand of your business and all the benefits and nutritional facts about your product. At Virtual Packaging, we can help you create the best flexible packaging for your products. For more information, visit our website.