It doesn’t matter if your business has products in a major retailer or if you only sell your items online—packaging is crucial to your brand’s image. Many businesses make the mistake of using packaging that’s either outdated or inauthentic. Your packaging should be unique to your business and your story, not what someone else deems appropriate. The best way to ensure you have exceptional packaging is by working with an exceptional company that provides 3D packaging mockups. Why are 3D mockups so important? We’re glad you asked! Our experts break down the benefits of 3D packaging mockups in our guide below; read on for more information.

Nothing Beats Visualizing Your Idea

When you sit around a brainstorming table with your team and discuss rebranding, new products, and new packaging, you’ll likely gather dozens (possibly hundreds) of ideas. While somebody on your team might be an artist with the ability to recreate your ideas on paper, it probably pales in comparison to a 3D mockup. When you’re able to see all your packaging ideas in full color and high-definition beforeprinting, you’ll make much better decisions.

You Can Reduce Waste

Some companies make the mistake of ordering packaging before they see an accurate virtual rendition of it. What happens if you don’t like the outcome, or you want to change a color or design? You can either deal with packaging that you’re not fond of, or you can throw away all the packaging and start over. As you can imagine, throwing away your packaging creates a ton of waste. Plus, you’re essentially throwing away your money.

You’ll Save Your Money and Brand Image

If you haven’t picked up on it yet, the biggest benefit of 3D packaging mockups is that it saves you money. Additionally, a 3D mockup will ensure you like allaspects of the packaging beforeprinting. When you’re reviewing the design and practicality of your packaging, you should also be asking yourself these three crucial questions:

  • Does this align with our company’s values?
  • Does this serve our customers well?
  • Does this bring us closer to our mission?

If you answer no to any of those questions, you can go back to the drawing board and make changes with 3D mockups. To reiterate, not every packaging company offers 3D mockups, and some just want your money, but not us.

The team at Virtual Packaging has extensive industry experience that directly supports our customers. We know how important mock packaging is to a company’s image, resources, and future. That said, our team is happy to spend as much time as necessary to create unique and authentic packaging for each and every customer. If you have any questions or would like to request a same-day quote, contact us today!