Custom-printed packaging is one of the most important aspects of your brand recognition. As a business owner, you constantly face the challenging question of how much product and packaging to order. Packaging manufacturers typically work in what’s called short runs or long runs. If you don’t know the differences of short-run vs. long-run package printing, you’re not alone. Ahead, we’ll compare short-run and long-run packaging and help decide which one is right for you and your business.

Long-Run Packaging

Most packaging printing manufacturers try to push long-run packaging, as it features a lower initial setup cost. The problem, however, is that long-run production can require companies to purchase more packaging than they need. Every packaging company requires a different number of orders for long-run production. Some might require a minimum order of 10,000 units, but an order that large is absurd if you only needed 1,000. Long-run packaging might be good for packaging companies, but not for you—and that’s what’s important to us. Lucky for you, Virtual Packaging doesn’t push long-run production onto our customers because it’s not necessary for most businesses.

Short-Run Packaging

Most of our business consists of short to medium-run production. There are several benefits to short-run production. The first benefit is probably obvious: you’re getting the number of units you actually need, not a surplus. You’re helping to reduce waste, which is beneficial to the environment. Moreover, short run packaging gives you the flexibility to test new designs, different markets, and increase product development because your money isn’t tied up in a surplus of packaging. Additionally, every business owner makes mistakes, and if you end up with a large amount of packaging that you don’t need or didn’t work, you have a decision to make. You could throw the packaging out and start from scratch, or try to use the packaging anyway. Both options aren’t an apt use of your time and resources.

Every company should be familiar with short-run and long-run package printing in order to decide what’s best for them. Once you’re familiar with the primary differences and benefits of short-run and long-run production, you need a trustworthy packaging company on your side.

Virtual Packaging puts the customer first, because your success is our success. Our team specializes in several packaging options ranging from short-run folding cartons to bags to labels and everything in between. We have a team ready to help you with your packaging needs, so contact us today for your free, same-day quote.