POP/POS Displays

Make your products pop with a custom point of purchase display prototype from Virtual Packaging. The beauty of this type of packaging lies in its versatility—point of purchase displays can be used for virtually any product in any industry.  

At Virtual Packaging, we offer several different types of custom retail displays. We help you decide which style best fits your needs and create a mockup or prototype, so you can experience the design first-hand.

  • Floor Displays. This type of point of purchase display is commonly seen in retail settings, grocery stores, and other big box locations. Usually set in the middle of the aisle, it’s easy to draw potential buyers in. Floor point of purchase displays can be created for 2, 3, and 4-sided shopability, depending on your specific product.

  • Endcap Displays. Usually placed between store aisles, endcap point of purchase displays are an awesome way to market just about any product. This is a great option if your product needs a little explaining, as there’s typically space at the top for branding and other marketing messages.

  • Pallet Displays. Pallet POP displays are designed to hold a lot of merchandise and can be customized to meet your specific needs. They’re typically used if a brand has multiple product lines that are related, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and floss. Another common application is for seasonal items, such as greeting cards, decorations, and candy.

  • Counter Displays. If you’re trying to sell an impulse product, counter point of purchase displays are a fantastic option since they’re placed near the checkout area. These are typically found in convenience stores where there isn’t always a ton of floor space.

  • Dump Bins. These point of purchase displays are designed to push products that have little or no primary packaging. They’re completely customizable; you can add dividers or shelves on the inside as well as print branding, visuals, and marketing messages on the outside. Dump bins are commonly used in big box and grocery stores and are extremely prevalent during back to school shopping.

Custom point of purchase displays are unique: they allow you to share your message on more than just the product itself. Don’t forget to top off your displays with unique die cuts (etching, creasing, half-Cuts/Kiss Cuts) using our digital cutting capabilities. This includes variable data printing and the elimination of slow, conventional die making. Learn more here.