Valentine’s Day is the only holiday other than Christmas that requires on-point packaging. That’s because the packaging helps consumers get into the spirit of the holiday—you can evoke feelings of love, warmth, and comfort if you do it right. From romantic ribbons to bountiful baskets, read on to discover four packaging ideas for your products on Valentine’s Day.


Nothing says “pièce de resistance” like a ribbon. There’s a reason the phrase “tied up in a bow” means that something is completed—a ribbon is a perfect finishing touch to almost any Valentine’s Day package. There’s something magical about pulling one end of a ribbon to reveal the treasures it contains, so give your customers that gift!

Wrapping Paper

Similar to the sensation of pulling open a ribbon, ripping through wrapping paper provides a satisfying experience that will have buyers excited to open more. While traditional heart-patterned wrapping paper is the tried-and-true option, you can also think about cute polka dots or chevron stripes to spice things up. You can’t go wrong with reds, pinks, and whites!


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Hearts are a simple, elegant way to add a dash of Valentine’s Day flair to any packaging. When a large portion of your customers includes men looking for romantic gifts, adding a few hearts lets them know that your product is exactly what they want.

The best part about this idea is that you can take it in so many directions—heart wrapping paper, heart-shaped boxes, heart-shaped cosmetics! Whether you need makeup product packaging or a container for tasty treats, there’s a seamless way to integrate this lovely shape.


The gift basket is a staple of Valentine’s Day gift giving. From candles to candies to cosmetics, just about any product looks good in an overflowing gift basket. This idea comes with an extra benefit: while some people might grab several gifts from different brands, a basket gives them the option for a one-stop present shop, so they’ll only buy from you.

With all these packaging ideas for your products on Valentine’s Day, you can give your customers all the love they deserve and help them pass that spirit on to their favorite people.