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Over the past 50 years, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has introduced some of the world’s most important breakthrough technologies, including the VCR in 1970, compact disc in 1991, and driverless car technology in 2013. If you’re considering attending CES 2018 in Las Vegas this January, we have some great ideas to help you showcase your new product or invention in the best possible light.

1. Make your prototype look like a finished product with rub-on transfers.

When you’re announcing a new product or technology, a polished presentation is key. Adding a logo, artwork, numbers or lettering to consumer electronics or 3D printed prototypes gives your product a finished look that will impress investors or potential buyers. Virtual Packaging’s sister company, ColorVu, creates rub-on transfers that can be applied directly to circuit boards, electronics packaging and other glass, plastic, metal surfaces in minutes, for a surprisingly low cost. They can create transfers in almost any color, including fluorescents, metallic inks, and metallic foil. To learn more, visit

2. Increase the appeal with a beautiful product package.

Consumer electronics packaging is a competitive industry—but with a well-designed package, your product can still stand out. Virtual Packaging creates attractive, high quality electronics packaging comps and mock-ups that can act as powerful sales tools.

When potential customers can touch, feel and see your product in a high quality packaging prototype, it feels more real. Our electronic prototyping process makes it possible to create professional-looking packaging fast, even in very small quantities.

3. Try a test-run on new ideas to save time and money.

Research and development is a trial-and-error process — but it can be time-consuming and cost-prohibitive to begin full-scale production on a new product or package. R&D departments can test out new ideas quickly, easily and under budget with electronic prototyping. Both ColorVu and Virtual Packaging can be great resources for creating test runs. ColorVu makes it possible to add custom artwork to product prototypes. And when you need to test out ideas for consumer electronics packaging, Virtual Packaging can help save money by printing one, several, or even a couple hundred packaging prototypes.

4. Don’t wait to innovate.

Technology changes fast, so it’s important to act quickly on your newest and best ideas. Both ColorVu and Virtual Packaging offer quick turnaround times, with the ability to meet deadlines as short as 24 hours* from the time your order is placed. Contact us today to discuss a timeline to deliver your rub-on transfer or packaging prototypes before the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. 
*Rush fees apply

5. Come and see us at CES 2018.

ColorVu and Virtual Packaging are proud to be vendors at CES 2018, and we hope to see you at this year’s show, which takes place January 9-12, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please stop by and visit with us on the tradeshow floor, at Booth No. 41575. We’ll be displaying several packaging prototypes, rub-on transfers for consumer electronics packaging and more—and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

 Whether you’re attending the tradeshow to discover the latest and greatest in consumer electronics technology, or to wow the world with your own innovations, we hope to see you there.

The Power of Prototypes: How Rapid Prototypes Sell Products Faster

Pillow Bag-Spot Gloss.jpg

Not sure whether rapid prototype packaging can sell your product? Picture this: You’re an investor in a board meeting, considering two new lines of potato chips to launch in your market. The first designer shows you some sketches and renderings, describes the taste profile, and estimates the expected time to market. The second designer does the same—then pulls out an actual bag of potato chips, professionally designed and shelf-ready, and places it in your hand. Which one do you think will make it to store shelves faster?

Box Mock Up Prototype Metallic SBS Virtual Packaging

It’s no secret that packaging sells products to consumers. However, most of those products would never make it to the shelves if they weren’t first sold to stakeholders with the aid of a rapid prototype.

Rapid prototypes help inventors, brand managers and marketers get their products to market faster by shortening the time between creating a concept and securing a spot on the shelf. They also help increase the quality of the finished packaging by making it possible to try different colors, formats and finishes, test product size and fit, and get feedback from focus groups and stakeholders early in the process. This feedback can be leveraged to make changes to the prototype packaging in order to sell more products. 

With rapid prototypes, potential options can be vetted much more quickly, thoroughly, and economically than using traditional printing methods. As a result, products get to market faster and sell better—for a reduced cost.

What is a rapid prototype?
A prototype is a preliminary model of a product or package that is developed in order to help inventors, manufacturers, product designers, graphic designers, and other business professionals “prove out” the concept before creating the final version. A rapid prototype package is simply a packaging prototype that is produced quickly and cost-effectively through the use of digital printing techniques.

Bottle Shrink-Metallic Ink.jpg
Perfume Box SBS Prototype Mock Up Virtual Packaging Metallic Beauty

Who needs rapid prototypes?
Rapid prototypes can be used to sell products to a wide variety of stakeholders, whether you’re a graphic designer presenting packaging comps to a client, an inventor showing electronics prototypes to a major manufacturer, or a brand manager introducing a new product line to executives, investors, distributors or retailers. Packaging prototypes can even be used to sell products directly to your target customer, while they are still in beta testing. It’s just human nature to feel more trust for something you can see and touch—and rapid prototypes make it possible.

Spot Gloss Box SBS Chocolate Fancy Ribbon Prototype Mock Up Virtual Packaging

Use rapid prototypes to test a package design before a large-scale press run.
Let’s say you already have the package design you want—and the client has signed off on it. You’re thrilled with the design, but a little nervous about investing in a full production run. Rapid prototypes are a great way to test designs and identify potential issues before printing a full-size run.

Perhaps the product window in your package appears too high after the product settles, and you can’t see inside. Or, text in a particular color is difficult to read against a certain background. You may be surprised at the issues that arise when you test your package design. However, it’s much less expensive to discover these problems in the prototyping phase, when issues can be quickly caught and corrected—so your final press run is perfect. 

What types of rapid prototypes are available?
Graphic designers and package designers rely on rapid prototypes to create professional packaging for food and beverage items, cosmetics, consumer goods and more. Bags, bottles, boxes, jars, flexible packaging and almost any package type can be created as a rapid prototype. 

I need a rapid prototype. How fast is “rapid”?
Virtual Packaging can create rapid prototypes in 2 to 4 days, or for rush projects, as little as 24 hours. Visit today, or call us at 817-328-3900 to get our prototype gurus going on your rapid prototype.

Heading out to Expo East? Come Visit Us!

Virtual Packaging and Vital Design Group are excited to announce they will be returning to Natural Products Expo East. We would love to see you there and discuss how we can partner together on your next project!

We will be discussing our capabilities in:
• Prototype and Mock-Up Packaging
• Package Design
• Logo Design & Branding
• Custom Die Lines
• Photography
• 3D Renders

The show will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland from September 22-24, 2016. We will be at Booth #1043. 

For more information on the show, hours, and location please visit the Natural Products Expo East website:

If you would like to set up a meeting in advance please reach out at 817-328-3900.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

-Virtual Packaging