Graphic Design Awards

Vital Design Group Wins BIG at Graphic Design USA Awards

Here in Texas, we like things BIG. It's kind of our thing. But, when we entered Graphic Design USA's American Package Design contest—our first competition—we weren't envisioning a big win. Maybe a medium-sized one, and we would have taken that gladly. Turns out, there was something greater in store for us. 

Vital Design Group is honored to announce that we have received not one, not two, but three award distinctions in the category of American Package Design from Graphic Design USA. These include recognition of our work for Naturicas as well as for Atkinson Candy's Fall Caramel and Halloween Candy packaging. 

We are thrilled to accept these awards and can't thank Graphic Design USA enough for the distinctions. It gives us great joy to receive recognition of our hard work and our passion for the cutting-edge design we deliver our clients every day. Please see below for images of our award-winning work.

Above: Our Naturicas logo and package designs across four flavors. 

Above: Our Atkinson's Caramels package designs across two flavors.

Above: Our Atkinson's Halloween package designs across three varieties.