Spot Gloss and The Importance of Package Design

How many times have you picked an item off the shelf just to get a better look at the package? If you’re anything like us, you’ve done it countless times—how could you not? Pretty illustrations, bright colors, fancy die lines and metallic finishes have a way of captivating our attention.

In fact, we often correlate a product’s value with its quality of packaging. If a package is sturdy, sleek and contains well-organized information, we may draw the conclusion that the company pays attention to detail, thus creating an exceptional product. Therefore, it is paramount to consistently present a product in the best, most on-brand packaging possible in order to engage the potential consumer in-store.

Fortunately, Virtual Packaging has recently received a printer upgrade, making it possible to print high-quality spot gloss on intricate details such as small text. This helps us and our clients to get a clearer idea of how designs will print in mass production. The glossy shine and unique texture characteristic of spot gloss can be utilized among a variety of ways, highlighting aspects of artwork or marking important marketing elements (all natural, value pack, NON GMO, Vegan, Gluten Free, etc.) being two common uses. It’s a sure way to stand out and make your way off the shelf, and into consumer’s homes.

The best way to know how your package design will look to a consumer is by conducting market research as well as—you guessed it—prototyping! As with any retail endeavor, the devil is in the details when it comes to prototypes, so it’s important that every element is considered when designing these and sending them to print.

For more information about package design, prototyping and spot gloss capabilities, drop us a line at 817-328-3900!


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Vital Design Group Wins BIG at Graphic Design USA Awards

Here in Texas, we like things BIG. It's kind of our thing. But, when we entered Graphic Design USA's American Package Design contest—our first competition—we weren't envisioning a big win. Maybe a medium-sized one, and we would have taken that gladly. Turns out, there was something greater in store for us. 

Vital Design Group is honored to announce that we have received not one, not two, but three award distinctions in the category of American Package Design from Graphic Design USA. These include recognition of our work for Naturicas as well as for Atkinson Candy's Fall Caramel and Halloween Candy packaging. 

We are thrilled to accept these awards and can't thank Graphic Design USA enough for the distinctions. It gives us great joy to receive recognition of our hard work and our passion for the cutting-edge design we deliver our clients every day. Please see below for images of our award-winning work.

Above: Our Naturicas logo and package designs across four flavors. 

Above: Our Atkinson's Caramels package designs across two flavors.

Above: Our Atkinson's Halloween package designs across three varieties.

Global Pet 2017 - Let Us Help You Get Ready!

With Global Pet Expo just around the corner let Virtual Packaging help you prepare for the show with professional mock-up and prototype packaging!

Our standard 3-day turn around we can make sure that you showcase your latest and greatest products with no worries about printing lead times. Running on an even tighter deadline? We also offer a 48 and 24-hour rush allowing you extra time to put those final touches on your packaging.

In the event you additional design needs our sister company, Vital Design Group, has a variety of services they offer. These services include tradeshow collateral materials, 3D renders, and last minute art edits. For more information see their website –

At a minimum quantity of only one, you are guaranteed to get the exact number of prints you need. Virtual Packaging also has the ability to color match Pantones ensuring your brand image is never compromised.

Global Pet is being held March 22nd–24th, 2017 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. For more information about the show please visit their website -