High End Transfers Upgrade Your Prototypes

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Custom high-end transfers can help to give your prototype a polished finished look. Rub on transfers are easy to apply and give your product that custom look that sells. Packaging is not only about what your product is delivered in, but it is also about how your product is presented.

There is a reason why packaging is one of the largest industries in the US. It holds a remarkable spot at number 3 on the largest industries list. The right packaging sells the product. High end transfers that are designed to brand your product, provide information and direction can be just the ticket to impress consumers, investors and complete your product look.

What Are They?

Easy to use high end transfers are crafted using high quality specialty ink. The ink is printed on transfer paper that allows you to rub off the image and affix it to your prototype or product without adding a solvent or using water. It is a semi-permanent application process that can be used to add a logo, information, product direction and more.

These types of transfers can be used on a wide range of materials including metal, plastic and glass. They are the perfect option for product mockup, custom cosmetic packaging, electronic mock prototype and more.

Rub on transfers are easy to use. You simply place the transfer and rub down to leave the image behind on the product. You do not have to worry about solvents or water damaging your product.

Impress with your Prototypes

Taking your prototype from the drawing board to the production line takes more than having a great product. Understanding early on that the right packaging is vital to the success of your product will save you headaches down the road.

Roughly 40% of shopper’s online report that branded packaging can persuade them to share and recommend products via social media. In other words, what is on the outside of the package is just as important as what is on the inside.

Getting investors attention is also a good reason to consider high quality dry rub on transfers. They give your prototype a complete look. They can be used on all types of mockups giving investors a better idea of what your product potential is.

Don’t Send Your Prototype Out Half Dressed
There is a lot of competition out there for investors and ultimately consumers. No matter how great your product is, getting it the attention, it deserves is critical. Product packaging mock ups, high end transfers and other packaging considerations should all be a part of your product development process.