Product Packaging: Why It Counts

packaging mockup

You've invented a great product. Your patent is one of a kind. Now it's time to sell, sell, sell. But have you made your product packaging mockup yet?

No, you can't just put your amazing product in any old package. You have to give your packaging some forethought. Furthermore, product packaging mockups are a key component to this type of planning.

Read on to learn more about why it counts to present your product in an appealing package.

Product Presentation Is Everything

Did you know that nearly 95 percent of new products fail every year?

That's a scary statistic for a new manufacturer or inventor. Looking deeper into why products fail at such alarming rates, it's evident that packaging plays a role in their demise.

Studies show that about 52 percent of consumers base their purchasing decisions on product packaging. More specifically, they make their decisions based on brand familiarity and how well the product is presented.

For instance, if your company displays an effort to make a positive environmental or social impact through the type of packaging used, you score immediate brownie points with consumers.

Why Mockups Matter

A product packaging mockup might seem like a waste of time at first. Why spend money on a box packaging mockup when you can just draw a simulation and then base the actual packaging on those blueprints?

The truth is, you never know how well your product fits in its package until you test it out. For example, a product in your makeup line might require custom cosmetic packaging due to the unique shape of the makeup container you chose for it. Or else, you might need custom shrink wrap sleeves to present your product in a sleeker profile. In each instance, a packaging mockup helps you tailor those specifications to your custom-made order.

Are You Ready To Demo Your Product?

Is your product all set to hit store shelves? If you haven't invested in a mock prototype package, you're not quite ready to roll out the goods as you thought. Plan and execute a packaging mockup as your next step, and you'll be well on your way to manufacturing success. Your product may just be one of the few that does not fail this year.