Drawing Your Clients in With The Right Packaging For Your Cosmetics Brand


If a picture is worth a thousand words, unique and efficient packaging says a million in the eyes of the consumer.

Packaging plays a huge role in the cosmetics industry. Makeup users want their products stored in a safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing manner.

The right kind of packaging can help a product stand out, promote its brand, and help the customer feel connected to what they're purchasing.

Whatever is on the inside—whether it's a gorgeous shimmering blush or sparkling lip plumping gloss—should match the outside.

Since packaging can make or break a product, here's what you should be asking yourself when creating your custom cosmetic packaging.

Is it sanitary?

In other words, how well does your packaging preserve the integrity and cleanliness of the product? When contaminated, makeup can cause a ton of issues for the wearer such as acne and skin and eye infections. Not only should the makeup arrive completely sterile, but the packaging should ensure that it stays sanitary throughout its entire lifespan. Keeping dirt and bacteria out of these products should be one of your biggest concerns when designing custom makeup packaging.

Is the product easily accessible?

Your applicator is just as important as the bottle it comes in. Liquid and cream foundations disperse the best through a pump system, allowing you to get every last drop of product. Making these considerations will leave your audience happy with their purchase and have them coming back to see what else you have in store.

Is it creative?

When a cosmetic product is reviewed on the intenet, it's usually based on these next few factors.

  • Color

  • Comfort/Wearability

  • Longevity

  • And of course, packaging.

Bringing in bright colors, themes, and designs displays a company's ability to think outside of the box.

Businesses have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest after applying more attention to detail on the packaging of their products. It's makeup after all. So it should be fun and vibrant.

Is it consistent with the brand?

If your cosmetic brand is sleek and minimal, are all of your products in tune with your message? Is it one cohesive line? Thinking about your products as a whole helps to keep your brand looking professional and uniform.

Does the packaging offer any extra features?

Consumers love getting more bang for their buck. So is there a way you can offer more than what your competitors are offering? Functionality plays a huge role in custom cosmetic packaging. Does your eyeshadow palate come with a handy mirror? This is just one more thing to consider when creating the mockups of your final product.

Making your customers feel great

The cosmetic industry is filled with consumers with an eye for detail. By catering to this, you'll release products that are beautiful and also functional.

By considering these questions, you'll be one step ahead of the competitors, and your custom cosmetic packaging will always be sure to impress. If doing this alone is proving to be too daunting, Virtual Packaging can handle all of your custom cosmetic packaging needs from product mockups to shrink wrap packaging. Enlisting the help of the packaging professionals ensures that your product will check off all of these requirements, branding your company as a trustworthy and savvy business in today's beauty industry.